Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I remember as a young college student, I once was working at an internship in an elementary school. Amazingly, the Lord placed me with two wonderful mentors. An older Occupational Therapist with years of experience and wisdom. The other was a middle aged COTA/L (Occupational therapy assistant). After settling in, I found that they were both very strong christian women, who even invited me to their morning Bible study they would have at the school before school started. I became very close with these two ladies...and could see how God's hand was in my being placed on this particular assignment. I was so blessed by their kindness and guidance. A few weeks later, they shared with me that the older woman's daughter had been killed in a car accident. I looked at her with concern on my face, and to this day, I still remember her words. "Life is so painful at times". This really hit me like a ton of bricks, because up until that moment, life had been great for me. I had never encountered a death of a relative or friend, I had a fairly normal childhood, graduated high school and got married, and was now on to my dream career. Painful? I hadn't really realized that life could be that hard, or full of pain until I looked into the eyes of this sweet older woman, and realized this. She had also adopted a boy from Korea who was 8 at the time of adoption. He was grown by then, and not quite doing so well. In fact, he had never really done that well, as his childhood was so traumatic, being adopted and brought to America can't really fix the pain he endured as a child.

And then, all of us, being in the field of Occupational therapy, we are fixers and caretakers, and people that just want to ease the pain of those around us. Since graduating and entering this career path, I see pain all the time. Working in pediatrics, I often encountered people who were in serious denial of their child's medical condition. This was their way of somehow guarding their hearts so as not to fully experience the pain and reality of accepting what was happening with their child.

For the last couple years I have been working on call at a rehab nursing home facility. The pain of the people living in these facilities is devastating. Many have just given up. Some are young, dealing with disabling diagnoses, and others are older dealing with a multitude of problems physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It's hard to watch. I am amazed at the amount of people that really are alone. There are so many middle aged and older people out there that never got married and have no children. This has surprised me. These people are not only in physical pain, but they are suffering in isolation and loneliness, often neglected by the staff that are there to minimally care for them. Pain. I see it everywhere now. My eyes are open now...there truly is a lot of pain in this world.

And now, this little boy who has been in my home only a few days...the emotional pain I see him dealing with is excrutiating to watch. I try to ease the pain, but I can't. Trauma from a broken attachment to someone he wasn't even supposed to be around. The grief he is trying to somehow work through is so painful to see in someone so small. Foster care, up until this point has been a beautiful thing in my eyes. We have been blessed beyond anything we could have expected on our own. We chose to take babies...for the simple reason that the trauma wouldn't be so severe. And now, this little boy...who we never thought would need a home, is here. He needs the one he is attached to...but that can never be. It is painful to even think about that, knowing the one person he wants me to bring to him is someone I cannot provide for him. And for the first time, I am angry. Angry that she couldn't do what she needed to do for this little guy who needed her most. And then I realize that she probably was never able to. And so this is why foster care exists...those of us that choose this path, or maybe, those of us that follow God's will...we open our homes, and our hearts to the hurting child, or the homeless child who needs a safe and warm home full of love and limits, grace and boundaries. We attempt to fix their wounds, but realize that really, only the Lord can...and we lean on HIM more, and give the situation to HIM, knowing that it is all in HIS hands anyway.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Please pray!

Last night Laney's 3 yr old brother arrived. Things are hard right now as we all transition. It's heartbreaking watching this little guy as he grieves. More soon.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Uh oh...

Somehow all of the images on photobucket that my blog designer had were somehow deleted, thus the issue you are seeing on this blog. Please pray they are restored...I feel so bad for her to have to deal with this knowing there are so many blogs out there that are messed up now.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Most Important BLOG

I believe I just found one of the most important blogs I have ever encountered. I read down about 5 posts, and know I cannot pretend I never read this. I think we all need to read this, and be compelled to do something. Go HERE

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Abundantly Blessed!

Who would have thought this Thanksgiving I would have a my first ever foster baby officially adopted, and a new adorable little foster baby boy in my arms? I am overflowing with thankfulness this season! Monday Laney's brother will join our family as well, and I can't help but thank the Lord for His abundant blessings to our family!

As we eat a thanksgiving meal today, I hope we are all reflecting on all the Lord has done for us this year, and all He continues to do in our lives. Wishing you a very blessed Thanksgiving and a year of abundant blessings as well!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Today was such an amazing day! We finalized our adoption with 9 other families at juvenile court for National adoption day...we are so glad we chose to foster, what a blessing it has been and we are so happy to call her our daughter!!! We give God all the thanks and glory!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The day is almost here...

One less road to travel, one last way to go, one more day to forever
Just to let you know-the wait is finally over, the journey now is through-
And now this comes to let you know
Dreams really do come true!
Tomorrow, Nov. 21st, we officially adopt our sweet girl, Lexi Joy! Taking that leap of faith and taking her in as our first foster child when she was 7 weeks old in July of 2009 was one of the best things we've ever done! We are so blessed to call her our daughter.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lots of BIG news!!!

Wow! Things have been crazy busy in a very GOOD way around here! First of all...our newest little one, baby R, has finally settled in. After dealing with some tummy troubles, and some skin issues, he is finally on the mend, and doing better each day. A couple days ago I got a call from his SW. She stated that she had some VERY good news. She had just found out that he is not from the local ____ tribe, the one that is extremely strict and does not allow adoptions outside of the tribe. She found out that his father is actually from ____ ________ _______ tribe, which is from another state, and he is not even elligible for enrollment. So, this means that this hurdle is out of the way. We continue to enjoy him, and things are moving forward with another court hearing coming up in Dec.

In just two days, our precious Lexi will be officially adopted! We are so excited, and can't wait to celebrate!

Some of you might remember
and Thispost back in July.

We recieved another surprising phone call the week before last that they really are removing Laney's older brother. After 5 mos, we had thought they must be leaving him in the relative placement. Not so. The relative continues to refrain from doing anything the dept. asks of her, so after over 3 years, they have decided he will be moved from her care, as it is evident she never intended to adopt him in the first place. The court hearing to remove him is the same day as Lexi's adoption. So, in just two days, we will be celebrating with our little Lexi, and also waiting for a call that may be bringing Laney's brother home to us.

Foster care is such a crazy ride sometimes, but we have been so blessed with supportive friends, and family, and always seeking God's will along the way. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bless an orphan...

As readers of this blog, you all know, I am passionate about orphan care. Why? Because it is the Lord's will that we as christians care for orphans in any way that we possibly can. God has given me a heart for them, a mother's heart full of compassion for orphans. It haunts drives me, and it compells me. So with that, I want to share something exciting!!! A sweet friend of mine is about to embark on a trip to a far away land to meet her daughter for the very first time! I am so excited for her, her family, and for the little girl who waits.

They are having a fundraiser to help pay for the costs in adopting this little one. As a parent who has adopted internationally twice before, I know how fast it all adds up with travel, lodging, food, etc. Not to mention the adoption fees. This family will recieve 20-25% of anything that you purchase through this fundraiser. Go HERE to check it out, and know you are doing something big in helping this cause, because soon, another precious child will forever be home with her family. God BLess.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Perfect Birthday!

Who knew that birthdays would get better as we age? Well, mine have! Today was the perfect day!
It started out with a beautiful fall bouquet of flowers from my sweetie and lots of hugs and happy birthday wishes from my little ones. Then came calls from special friends and family, and then out to lunch and a movie with my husband...a rare thing, now that there are so many kids in the house!

Back home, the girls were anticipating giving me the cake they had baked while I was away and they all enjoyed giving me special gifts, that are so dear to my heart! Later, I cuddled a sweet baby boy, went to church and worshiped my savior, and now home, ready to get get cozy and warm by the fire. is good. Thank you Lord for another year...I hope to make this next one even better in your eyes!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A hint to an upcoming post...

10 5 3 2 20 5

Any guesses?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Please read this...

In light of my disappointment written below, I found an excellent post that you can't miss. Read: THIS

What did your church do for orphan sunday?

I was disheartened to see that my church did nothing. I was also disheartened to see that out of 62 orphans that need to be sponsored in Africa (from an orphanage our church is supporting), not even half of them have been sponsored. At least 6 months have gone by since this was brought up to the congregation.

How can we be so selfish? How can we just walk by, or ignore the plight of the orphan all around us? This disturbs me to the core, and I often wonder how christians can justify this? Tbey can easily afford $5 a day at a coffee shop, but can't "commit" to helping an orphan. A child with nothing, no hope, no sense of unconditional love, often abused and mistreated. How can we as christains ignore this? The Bible speaks about caring for orphans at least 85 times. I see the church's being more concerned with their programs around fellowship, and sports, and small groups, and fun and entertainment, all the while ignoring the hurting all around them and all over the world. It's not right.

And I know this is not to blame the church, because I am the church, we, are all the church. It is up to us to reach out the hurting, the widows, the sick, the homeless, and the orphans. Unfortunately, with my church, I tried to present something along this line, to express my passion for the orphan, and how we as a church, all must take part in caring for them. My attempt was shut down, and not understood. Believe me, if it would have been accepted with enthusiasm and understanding, I would have been the first one up there today, presenting something about orphan sunday. It seems this particular church doesn't get it...and it's okay to ignore the mandate, and instead raise millions to build a church building, while also promoting entertainment and fun all the time. It's hard to take part in that, when I know what is happening around the world, having been there, and knowing it to be true. I have seen, felt, experienced, and touched the plight of the orphan, and I will never be the same. I cannot stand back and say nothing, do nothing, and even pretend to tolerate the church doing nothing. I will be I know that I cannot just be silent on this issue any longer. We, as the body of Christ need to pull together, in unity, to do what needs to be done to care for the orphan.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reckless Abandon

Adeye, at No Greater Joy Mom, wrote a post you have to read...I wish I could have written it this well...go HERE