Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blessed beyond measure...

Today was my birthday. I didn't expect a thing, but I am ending this day feeling *blessed* beyond measure.  My day started with my children working hard all morning on a secret brunch that I was only to enjoy in bed! Ahhh...then my six year old (an aspiring massage therapist and barista) proceeded to give me a great massage! Then, the afternoon was spent with them making gifts and wrapping, all hush hush, while I was given quiet time! No homeschooling, no chores, just time to myselfe while they worked like little elves getting ready for my "party"! Later on, when my DH got home, he cooked up a special meal in the kitchen that was fabulous (he's a much better cook than I), and I was treated to that as well as cake, ice-cream and some of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever seen. Not only that, I was surrounded by the cutest little kiddos ever, with the biggest smiles on their faces. They showered me with hugs and kisses, and tons of happy birthday wishes. I sit here now while DH and oldest daughter clean the kitchen, and I am feeling very humble, grateful, and blessed far beyond anything I deserve. God's blessings sometimes shower us when we least expect it, and His love shines so brightly we cannot deny it. My heart is full.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's over and a great article!

I am on the verge of updating this way out of date blog! I will be doing that soon, but in the meantime, a friend sent me a thought provoking article I wanted to share.  It has some great points about how we should vote as christians! I am so blessed to have some great christian friends that are so supportive and really know the Lord and see the issues that we face in our society today. The election seems to be over, and the results are just what I expected. Apparently, Obama was right, we are no longer a christian nation, because if we were, there is no way he could have gotten re-elected. On top of that, my state passed recreational marijuana use and gay marriage. So very sad, that we have strayed so far from God. My heart is grieved and I feel so ashamed for our country, and how we have turned so very far away from Him.  So, the question addressed in this article is this, as a christian, is it a sin to vote for Obama and the democrats? Find out...