Wednesday, July 29, 2009


After a court date today, we got word that foster baby will be staying with us for awhile. The situation is not great with the birth family, and from here, bio mom will be working toward reunification. I am very skeptical, given the situation, however, hopefully the reality of having her baby now in a foster home will be enough for her to turn her life around. Only time will tell...
In the mean time we will love on this little one, and she is precious! She is a little doll, and she smiles, and coos, and smiles more. Having her here has only added more joy to our home. I really do not feel more overwhelmed, stressed, or anything! God is so good, and I know He has prepared our hearts to open our home to a foster child, and this little one is so fun to have around! Children are truly a blessing from the Lord!
The girls are doing great with the baby. L walks around saying, "I like baby". She always wants to hold and feed her. M is enjoying her as well. They have embraced her with the simple, pure love that children so naturally have.
We have a lot to learn about how the whole foster system works. I am sure it will be frustrating at times, as I often hear, but I also hope to just learn a lot, and go with the flow.
The next court date will be in about a month, so we will know more about how her case is moving then. Stay tuned!


Jill said...

Hey Michelle!
I have some questions for you if you wouldn't mind.....
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Hugs, Jill

Calico Sky said...

I'll be praying the mum can get her life sorted over the next month and that everyone involved uses good judgement in deciding sweet babies future.


Tereasa said...

I am glad things are going so well and that the girls are happy! Praying for the momma!