Sunday, November 29, 2009

A new Christmas tradition...

This year we started a new family tradition for Christmas. We are celebrating Advent, and using an advent wreath. Each Sunday before Christmas we will light one of the candles, and the middle one will be lit on Christmas eve, along with all the others. I used the idea to decorate the wreath from The Homespun Heart blog. We cut strips from Christmas fabric and tied on the wreath, and we will be adding little tags stamped with words that remind us of Christmas such as Jesus, hope, holy, savior, etc.

This is the book we are using to guide us through each day. I love it! It is very simple, and each Sunday it gives you everything you need to lead a family devotion. It starts with an opening scripture and song. Today's was Isaiah 9:2-6, and Away in a Manger. There is then a story to be read, a family activity to carry out, a prayer, and closing song. It went so well, and the girls loved it!! There is also a scripture reading for each day of the week leading up to Christmas if you choose to do that.

This is going to be the beginning of a cherished family tradition, and it is something that I have been wanting to get started for quite few years, so I am very happy to have finally gotten it together for this year. It is something that has been missing from our Christmas and really pulls everything together for us, and teaches our children what the true meaning of Christmas really is.

We have a few other family traditions that we enjoy each Christmas season, and I will be sharing them in the days to come. What special family tradition/s do you do each Christmas?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Get ready to get happy!!!

Thanks to Kate and Dalyn for helping me figure out how to put a You Tube video on my blog!

Our new mini van came with Sirius satellite radio. Thanks to the Disney station, M now loves this song! I love this video, because, well, it just makes me happy! Love this guy! M and I were actually dancing in front of the computer when we first watched now, I bring to you the first You Tube video I have ever posted on my blog...Enjoy!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Now this is creative!

In my town, each day I see several beggars/panhandler's on the streetcorners. I am often curious about them. Are they for real? Are they really living on the street, and are some just the typical out of work American? Or, are they meth addicts, alcoholics, just looking for a way to make some quick cash to buy thier next fix? I am always wondering what is behind the lives of these people, and I have been tempted to follow them around to find out what is really going on.

Over the last year I have noticed several of the same people on different corners around town. I am amazed at the creativity of the signs they hold up. Here is a sampling of the ones I remember:

Down...but not out. (middle aged man that looked like your average dad, or grandpa. This is the one DH just had to give to, and jumped out of his car to hand him some cash) Just saw this guy again since the first time about 8 months ago, same sign, so he's still down, but not out!

Want to go fishin, need bait $$ (middle age woman in the middle of summer, missing teeth)

Stranded (middle age man. The interesting thing about this guy, is, we saw him on the same street corner, with the SAME sign about a year later! Now that's a long time to be stranded!)

NOT A BUM Single father of 3 Out of work bricklayer (clean cut young guy wearing nice clothes, just saw him again with this same sign he had last year)

Hungry $1 (young guy, see him everywhere, and see a lot of people handing him money)

Last but not least, the sign I saw today, held by a middle age man that sparked my desire to write this post:

One lean sheep begs for a few pennies (okay, this is my favorite of all. The guy even had a sort of smile on his face, and appeared very friendly.)

A few years back my MOPS group spent a day putting together zip loc bags to hand out to these people we see on the street corners every day. The bags contained things like, granola bars, tooth brushes, tooth paste, deoderant, beef jerky, gum, juice boxes, a pair of socks, small Bible, etc. The idea is to keep a few of these in your car at all times, so you are prepared to give when you see someone.

I thought it was a great idea, and a great thing to teach your kids! One of the things I learned and loved about this is that it really doesn't matter what the person does with the money or items you give them. What matters is that you are giving, and the Lord sees that we are giving and not sitting back and ignoring those that are in need. If they truly aren't in need, God will deal with that! It's also a wonderful thing to teach your children to say a little prayer for these people as you drive by.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birthday Blessings

Last friday was my birthday, and it was such a nice day.

Here are some of the blessings:

A night out the day before with DH to a cambodian dinner to benefit orphans in that country-he knows me well!

Nature walk with friends and lots of kiddos in the morning

L walking around all day saying Happy birthday Mommy!

Seeing the smiles on their faces as they give me the gifts they so carefully picked out and wrapped.

A spa day coming up -a very much needed massage is in the near future!

Dinner out at my favorite restaurant for authentic mexican cuisine

Kisses and hugs from those I love so much

Spending the day with my 3 favorite little girls in the world!

Monday, November 9, 2009

I love this!!!

In light of my current situation, I have been thinking a lot about what I am going to do. Before I had children I worked full time, then 2 days a week, and now one day a week I am out of the home at my job. My employer is still mandating the swine flu vaccine, as well as season flu vaccine. I will not be getting the vaccines. My employer does not want me to leave, and my position will be difficult to replace. I have a few days to decide whether or not I will request a leave of absence, or wear a mask at all times. These are my only two options at this point. Thank God, He has transformed my mind over the last few years. Before, I would have been devastated to quit my job, a job I LOVE, and have loved working at every day for the last 13 years. But, what I love more is being home with my children, homeschooling, and spending every precious moment with them. If I leave, I will not be upset, as being at home is so much more ideal now, so much more appealing to me, and I cherish every day I am home. It is a career above all careers. Today, this came to my email box, and it could not have come at a more perfect time:


Matthew 9:37-38, "Then said Jesus unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest."

Do you sometimes hanker to be doing some great work for God? You feel as though you are wasting your life in your home. You would love to serve the Lord in some harvest field. Yes, it is true, the harvest is great and the laborers are few. But why are they few? Because mothers have not understood God's purpose.

Are you looking for an easy path in life in life or do you have a heart to serve God as a missionary? Dear mother, you are already a missionary. God has chosen your specific mission field for you. It is your home and family. You are employed by God to train laborers for His harvest field. You don't raise children and then send them to Bible College to prepare for service. You train them for God's service from the time they are little. They should be ready to labor in the harvest field when they come forth from your home.

Is a missionary's work easy? No, it takes sacrifice. Is motherhood easy? No, but it will be worthwhile. It takes everything you've got--all your resources of time, energy and strength--but you will influence nations. It takes sacrifice--many mothering days are exhausting and overwhelming--but you will receive the fruit of your labors and an eternal reward. It will take committed prayer and intercession, but your prayers will be answered. Remember, you are not on vacation; you are on the mission field!

Maybe God has only given you one laborer to prepare for Him--that His is plan for you. Maybe he has given you six, or even twelve! Wow, would twelve be too many? Jesus trained twelve disciples who impacted the world. How would you like to train laborers who "turn the world upside down"? (Acts 17:6)

What kind of laborers does God want us to faithfully prepare for His service? The following is my vision for our children, grandchildren and future generations. I believe He wants us to prepare children who are...

Baby lovers

Blessing imparters

Bible believers

Bible obeyers

Committed laborers in God's harvest

Courageous overcomers

Demon destroyers

Diligent workers

Evil haters

Faithful servers

Fearless soldiers

Freedom fighters

Fruit bearers

God fearers

God lovers

God pleasers

God worshippers

Gospel preachers

Holy Spirit empowered witnesses

Home lovers

Israel supporters

Jesus fanatics

Justice keepers

Life choosers

Light shiners

Liberal threateners

Obedient listeners

Parent honorers

Responsible citizens

Sharp arrows

Tomorrow's leaders

Truth bearers

Truth keepers

Truth lovers

Truth preservers

Truth seekers

Truth speakers

Persecution endurers

Prayer warriors

Righteousness lovers

Uncompromising disciples

Valiant conquerors

Wisdom getters and

Zealous servants of the Living God!

Wow!Can you imagine anything more exciting and fulfilling that raising laborers such as these? You couldn't have a greater mission field or a greater vision.



"Thank you, Lord, for showing me my mission field. Help me to serve you faithfully and to raise prepared laborers for your great harvest field. Lord, I am open for you to give me all the laborers you have planned for me to train. Amen."


I am a full-time missionary, recruiting and training laborers for God's harvest field.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Today is...

Orphan Sunday!!! Go check it
Please join me in praying for the millions of orphans in our world today.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy 2 year adoption day, baby girl!!!

One of our referral photos, our baby girl from Guangdong, China!

One of the updated photos we received while waiting the 3-4 months before we could travel.

Gotcha day! November 5, 2007. Sweet sleeping baby girl, she didn't wake up even through all the excitement!

And here she is today! After 2 years, she has changed so much! She is sweet, spicy, and everything in between! She loves to be the center of attention, and told me today, "I want you to call me honey." She says what she feels, and isn't afraid to speak her mind! I can describe her as happy, outgoing, expressive, enthusiastic, and most of all, very, very bouncy (literally!!!).

We love ya, L! You have brought a lot of energy, excitement, and spice to our lives! Thanks for a wonderful 2 are a blessing, and we are honored to have you as our daughter!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Meet Sebastian, my new kitten. I got him last weekend, about 3 weeks before my birthday! Isn't he sweet? He's not the one I originally wanted, but the other kitty was much older, and this one was local.

He has made himself at home, and besides your lap, he likes the couch, and...

You never know where you'll find him in the girls room.

The other day we couldn't find him, and M had been sitting at this chair at her small table, working on crafts. She had no idea he was right below in this little cubby hole.

He has definatly made himself right at home. I don't normally get myself early birthday gifts, or for that matter, gifts at all, but this year, I just had to bring home my hearts desire...a fluffy little kitten. The girls are all loving him. The baby even loves to watch him play. She has been known to burst out giggling when watching him. Welcome home Sebastian!