Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Surrender & Serve, a babies update!

The baby girls are doing well. Their cases? Well, that's another story. Let's just say the roller coaster is out of control. The two month old may be leaving at some point, due to the fact that the former foster parents that adopted the two older siblings called, and are now interested. Before we accepted her as a placement, I asked if they would double check this, and, of course, they stated that they did, and this family declined. So, apparently they may have changed thier minds. They called a couple of weeks ago, and for some reason the workers won't give us any details, all they have said is that the family may not live in the area. We just want some answers, but have not been able to get any explanation at all. I am hoping to hear something this week. Putting all that aside, we are enjoying her, and loving having her here, to hold, cuddle and watch her develop. She is starting to smile! SO precious!!!
Baby L is almost a year old! She is a handful of energy, and giggles. She is so much fun, and is starting to feed herself with a spoon, and should be walking very soon! We are completely in limbo with her case. Mom is in jail, with a trial coming up, the great uncle in another state is having the homestudy done, and there was a big surprise at the court hearing last week. The alleged father showed up! He has been invited to every hearing all year, but has never come forward. This time he came and stated he will have the dna test. He is very young. It will be interesting to see what comes of it all!
Through this process, I have been so humbled, and thankful for what God is doing in me. I have had to take a close look at myself, and what my motivations are. I am learning so much about being a more selfless person, letting go of my own wants to serve Him, and to allow Him to do whatever it is He is doing in not only my life, but the lives of these precious little children. I am learning each day to surrender, and serve. It's been a daily struggle lately, battling with my own flesh, and desires, but I am realizing more and more that fostering babies is growing, and stretching me in ways I really needed. Thank you, God for all you are doing in my life and theirs!


Calico Sky said...

What a lovely lovely post! I'm going to write those words in my diary, keep them by my bed, next to my work desk, such important words to live by! Thank you!

Julie said...

Yes, oh, how I remember those days. Every day it was something different.
Hang in there and understand that it could take years. We got our little boy in May of 2004 we adopted him at the end of April 2006. That was a serious roller coaster with mom and dad being given chance after chance after chance.
The girls were a little easier but they'd still been in care for almost 4 years when they were adopted.
God will grow you in ways that you never thought possible. You will laugh at things you never thought you'd laugh at.
I am praying for you guys!!

Mary said...

"Surrender & Serve": What wise words!