Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Blessings

So blessed this Christmas!!! We had three different family gatherings, went to the Nutcracker, the Journey to Bethlehem, and a Christmas play. We spent time with many friends and family. There was much laughter and lots of memories made. We also spent time at home with just family. We added a new puppy to the family for Christmas. It was a beautiful time for all of us. The only thing missing was snow. The photo above is that of our recent photo shoot near the orchard in the backyard in November. Two of my sweet daughters. I am so blessed. My miracles. My joy.  Being their Mother is something I am thankful for daily.  Lately I am obsessed with advocating for orphans. How can I stop? How can I not do my part to help them find families? This passion of mine just won't go away, so I spend time each evening on numerous facebook groups advocating for China's special needs orphans. Good news! Two of the ones I had advocated for are now matched with families! The way the system works for China now is that you can actually see lists of children on many agency lists, and you can ask to be approved to adopt them. It is so exciting to see so many being chosen, but heartbreaking to also see so many more for months on end that never end up with a family. I am determined to keep advocating...speaking for those that can't speak for themselves. Also...I just might turn this blog into an advocacy blog. Many exciting things are happening!
I LOVE this week every year! The week between Christmas and New Year. We sleep in, we don't do school. We play with all our new toys. We play with our animals. We go out. We catch a movie. We generally take the time to just be. And I wish we did this more often. If we had snow----like we should by now, we would also be out in it..sledding, building snowmen and then coming in for hot cocoa with marshmallows. The kids are dying for some snow to finally come our way. Since we don't have any yet, but do have cold temps, we have been snuggling up by the wood stove and the Christmas tree reading books and being cozy. That's what winter is to me, and I love it!
More updates soon!

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