Monday, June 8, 2015

Mason Jar Madness! Meals in a Jar...

I shared a bit about what I have been up to with Thrive Life foods in my last blog post...wanted to share another one. Here is my breakfast and lunch today! For breakfast I had quick oats in a mason jar with Thrive freeze dried strawberries and blackberries, with some coconut added on top. Just add hot water and eat right out of the jar! For lunch it was Lasagna Soup Meal in a jar. Just add contents to 8 cups of boiling water. It's that simple, and that easy...I am loving the quick convenience of Thrive foods and making jar meals for my family. I know I am serving them healthy, amazing food because the quality of Thrive foods is excellent. It's pure food with locked in nutrients. It's the next best thing to harvesting straight from your own garden. (which we are doing a lot of this year...and saving that for another post). Tonight we had homemade Borscht, with freshly picked beets from the garden, and added Thrive ingredients-carrots, onions, and potato dices! This cut my time in the kitchen down quite well! If you are interested in stocking up your pantry with some Thrive ingredients, just click here:

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