Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just in time for Spring!

Welcome to my new blog! I am very excited to have it done, and I can now sit back and just have fun with it! I know Spring doesn't officially start until March 20th, but for me, spring starts March 1st! It is warming up around here, and today when I went outside, the birds were singing like crazy, and spring was definately in the air! Here on our little homestead we have lots of trees, which is somewhat rare in the area we live in. We get many different kinds of birds here, and we are just starting to learn all about them. There are hawks, quail, robins, and even hummingbirds. It is magical when a hummingbird shows up. You get a glimpse of them, and then they're gone. There are many other types of birds we will be learning about and sharing this spring.
We are very home oriented here. We have been striving to stay home as much as possible. On the days we do, Miranda (6) is so happy! She literally jumps with joy when I tell her that we don't have any obligations, meetings, errands, or appointments that day! I am so glad that she is happy and content staying home. I will continue to share how slowing down, living the simple life, and stepping out of the fast pace of society impacts us as a family. Some of the things we look forward to doing this spring are:
-Getting the fence done, so that we can fill it with some new farm critters!
-Getting the barn painted!
-Finishing the girls new outside playhouse that daddy built!
-Getting the garden ready!
-Getting our scrapbook/project room done, so that Miranda and I can start on all the projects we've been dreaming up!
-Get baby Lilyann (1) outside, she just started walking, and we can't wait to see her run and play in the grass!
-New barn kittens
-planting flowers, everywhere!
Oh, and you may be wondering where the Blog title came from? During the middle of winter, I started getting somewhat discontent, as I think many of us do during the long winter months. One saturday morning, I woke up and "Room to Bloom" was something that was just floating around in my head! I asked myself what it meant, and I prayed. All of a sudden, I knew, and it was as if God had said, "My child, I have given you a special place, and as you are content in Me, be contect where I have planted you." I remembered how one of my favorite quotes has been "Bloom where God plants you". At that moment I knew God had given us this house, this land, our children, and all that we have, so that we could "Bloom". I am so thankful for where He has planted us, and that we have so much "Room to Bloom!"


Tereasa said...

I love it! Michelle, It's beautiful! I can't wait to read more.

Handwoven Dreams said...


It is BEAUTIFUL! Your blog design is fresh and ispiring and scrapbooky! I know that I will enjoy following it!

Take care and have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

This blog suits you dear! Love it :)

Spring is becoming one of my favorite seasons as well...nothing like the breath of heaven bringing life to everything.

Thanks for sharing your heart Michelle.

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

ay! I love your blog- great design...I'm linking you right away! *U*

Brian & Ruth said...

I love the new look, feel, design, everything! It makes me feel spring already. Looking forward to the musings of what life is for you now.

p.s. linking you if that's okay!

Teresa said...

Yeah, glad you are here! Can't wait to read more. Had a great time last night with the group. I am going to link you on my blog

praying4more said...

Your new blog is SO pretty.

And as for getting a bit discontent during the winter, there really is something to that. It is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka SAD). It is a disorder brought about because of the diminished sunlight. Our brains really need the light. Many people just struggle with it during the winter months, but those who live in a rainy climate can struggle with it all year long.

As you know, I, too, am on the page of staying home much more. We add so much stress to our lives by the constant running around that we do. I read a book one time, called The Overload Syndrome. The author, a Christian physician, wrote about how we need to have limits in every area of our lives (about 20 different areas). And one of those limits was/is activities. When we are constantly running around, we are doing our bodies great harm.

Have a wonderful day!


praying4more said...

I went back and looked at my journal, where I recorded the lessons learned from that book I commented about. It wasn't called The Overload Syndrome. Rather, it is Margin. It is written by Richard Swenson. I wanted to share one of the passages from the book that I had written down in my journal.

"Rx:4 Prune the Activity Branches --- "I view my life as a tree...The trunk is the anchor...relationship to Christ. The limbs represent those major focus areas that God has, job, ministry, and personal development. And the branches represent the ever-proliferating multitude of activities. Even without special care, activity branches multiply. Soon the profusion of branches becomes more prominent than the trunk and limbs. When this happens, I feel trapped, frustrated, and empty..." (page 156)

For those who feel overloaded with life, I highly recommend this book.

Be blessed today,