Sunday, March 2, 2008


I was tagged by my friend Dalyn at Muckboots ~N~ Aprons, so thought I better do a post here soon. I haven't even thought about it, so let's see what comes to mind.

I am supposed to post 5 unimportant or quirky things about me. Hmmm?

1) You will never, or extremely rarely catch me reading fiction of any kind. I just can't, I have stacks of books just waiting to be read, and all are the types of books I want to learn something from. That could be anything from health, homesteading, scrapbooking, homeschooling. Right now I am reading a book on the Charlotte Mason model of homeschooling, which I love!

2) You will also never, or extremely rarely catch me watching a movie at home. I have even tried to have family movie nights, but I can't get into it.. books, researching, or working on projects are much more interesting to me! I will, however go to an occasionl movie at a theatre and enjoy that, but it is not often that there is a decent adult movie out there, so it is usually a kids movie!

3) I have to have things in order, or I feel very disorganized, and when I feel disorganized, I am stressed, and when I am stressed, well, as my husband would say, you better run!!

4) I have no desire to travel anywhere in the US. Since traveling to other countries, Bahamas, Russia, and China, I absolutely LOVE international travel, and traveling in the US seems boring.

5) I have no desire to travel internationally for pleasure. If I do travel abroad again, it will have to be for mission work, or to bring home another little bundle of joy!

If you read this, and you would like, you are tagged!

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