Saturday, March 15, 2008

Today's Blessings...

Today's blessings:
We all woke up healthy, yeah!
I was able to do a little work outside, and I got all the snowberry bushes trimmed, and started cleaning out the barn for the new critters coming soon.
The grace of a very nice police officer, who let me go with a warning! (I was driving down the highway, and my very talkative 6 yr old had me a bit distracted, I then saw the lights behind me, and he said I was speeding. Luckily, he stated that I hadn't had a ticket since 2005, which is amazing to me, and he was very kind and let me go! Whew! Praise God!
Miranda and I enjoyed a drive in the country and shopping this afternoon.
We ended the evening by meeting Jeff and Lilyann at my favorite mexican restaurant!
Lilyann loves to eat, so taking her to restaurants is easier than we thought it would be with a one yr. old!
Lilyann now gives kisses, and I got lots of them today!

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