Saturday, March 8, 2008

Which do you keep?

Are you a keeper of your home, or a keeper of your calendar? Today I had the privlege of hosting a small ladies retreat for my bible study group, and some other friends. We watched "Reclaiming God's plan for women", by Nancy Campbell. She is always so refreshing to listen to. I guess it's because she speaks the truth directly from God's word, and she is also just a very joy filled person. She definately shines for Jesus. Some of the points I love from this new DVD series is how she encourages women in their high calling of motherhood. She also shares her story of how she didn't always feel this way. As a young mother she once felt burdened by motherhood, and felt it was hindering all the work she wanted to do for God. Thankfully, she came to the realization that mothering was a ministry, and a great one. I also love how she so very eloquently speaks about society today, and how even as christians, we may find ourselves just following along with society and it's ways, thus taking on the ways of the world. This has happened with christians and childbearing. I just read Tereasa's post about it at Harvester, and I fully agree! As christians we are really lacking in this area. We are saying that we will have children when we choose, and we will have as many as we choose, while not allowing God into the equation at all. We ask God to be Lord of our lives over so many other areas, but we want to be in control of this one. That's not God's plan. We don't even hear this preached in our churches. I often ask myself why? Women desperately need to be encouraged in their mothering. They need to hear how important their job is. They need to hear how children are a blessing and a great reward. A friend of mine once announced that she was pregnant with her 3rd child. I will never forget her response to all the congrats she was recieving. She seemed to sort of sink down into her chair not wanting the praise. She then stated that she was embarrassed. How sad, that God was blessing her with a 3rd child, yet she felt embarrassed! By the way, her daughter today is just beautiful and very loved! After going to my first Above Rubies retreat in 2006, I had a major reality check. I knew that what I was hearing was truth, and it was so encouraging. When I returned home, we immediately started our paperwork for our China adoption. If it wasn't for that retreat, we would not have Lilyann home with us right now! I am so thankful for this woman who not only speaks the truth, but she encourages us as mothers in a way I have never heard before.

The other point I loved hearing was that of being a keeper of our homes. She asked the question, are you a keeper of your home or your calendar? Sadly, today, most mothers are keepers of their calendars. She encourages mothers to love their homes, and love bringing up your children in your homes. Being out running your children back and forth, here and there for every activity under the sun does not serve them best. In closing today, I want to strive to be a better mother, and a better keeper of my home. I thank God for our little farmhouse, and the family He has filled it with!


Tereasa said...

This was an encouraging post. The retreat sounds good. I'd like to have one with our home school group.

It is wonderful knowing like minded women, even as the miles keep us apart. You are an encouragement to me!

Anonymous said...

Definately Home!

I love Nancy Cambell and I love your blog!!!!

Thanks for stopping by mine! We seem to have a lot in common. I hope we can become "Blog buddies"!

Emily Elizabeth said...

Thank you for this review. I was considering purchasing Nancy Campbell's DVD set for my daughter's senior year and googled to find out more. Your post came up in the google search. I'll visit again soon, looks like a wonderful blog.

:) Jo & Emily