Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

Today is the first day of spring! We have so much to do here on our little farm. We will be planting a big garden this year, and Jeff is busy getting all his seeds ready to make starts to plant in the garden! We will have lots of fresh garden veggies this year, as well as lots of flowers bloomin! I get so excited this time each year when I see all my tulips and daffodils poking out of the ground. Soon, we will have so many, that I will get to wander around the yard, looking for the prettiest blooms to cut, as I create a fresh bouquet to bring inside.

Soon, we will finish the fencing, and get started on the barn. Our barn is bigger than our house, so it will be a big job! There are chicken coops to clean, goat stalls to be built, tons of cleaning to be done, as well as repainting the entire exterior! I am going to have to be willing to get dusty and dirty out there! I am determined to get it done, though!

This will be a busy spring! We will be having some visitors, we will be doing some visiting, and I will be going on an adoptive moms retreat soon too!

Wishing you a beautiful spring full of blessings!


Debbi said...

Happy Spring to you too. Sounds like a lot of hard work coming up for but certainly worth it. I can't wait until it is warm enough to plant my little veggie garden again

Brian & Ruth said...

Have a wonderful Easter with your family!

mo said...

It does sound busy but wonderful! I bought a few bags of dahlia bulbs to get planted. We used to have a barn and we still really miss it. No room for one here though. Did the kitten ever come back?