Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Good-bye summer, Hello Fall!

It is the end of the summer here, the weather has definately changed, and I always welcome fall with open arms! We started homeschooling again last week, and I am doing some fall cleaning, getting out all my pumpkins and fall decorations, and spending lots of time outside, in the crisp, sunny fall weather. I think fall is the most beautiful time of year. Besides homeschooling, I have tons of projects planned this fall. Some of them include:
*Painting the girls new playhouse that Daddy built. This was started right before we went to China last fall, and we've been a *little* preoccupied since then. ;)
*Our craft room is almost ready to go, I've got all my scrapbooking items organized and I'm ready to get to work!
*I am half way done with my first quilt, so I will be spending a few more days on that, then I'll have pictures to show!
*I am still knitting and almost done with my 3rd scarf. Someone special :) will be getting it for Christmas.
*I am going to start working on some of my primitive crafts as well. I have some adorable doll patterns I can't wait to get started on, and I have Jeff out in his wood shop cutting wood for some other ideas I have!
*Miranda is starting a sewing class soon, and I found her the cutest pattern to make. I am sure she will let me take a picure of it to show when it's done!!
So we are very creatively busy, and that's the most fun! And we have also been busy in the kitchen canning again this year. There's more to do this weekend, but I will have to squeeze it in since Sunday is the Chinese mid autumn moon festival and we are having all the adoptive families over for another get together for that! I am excited. My friend at work, a sweet lady from Hong Kong went to Seattle the other day and brought me back some authentic mooncakes, the same brand she used to buy in Hong Kong, so we will be snacking on those on sunday. Since her kids are grown and in college now, she also gave me all of their old chinese lanterns, also directly from Hong Kong. What a blessing! We are looking forward to it, and I have already heard from some new families that are going to join us this time. I'll post pictures of the event when it's done!


plain*worker*primitives said...

I am sorry to see summer go...I love fall, but sometimes the winter blahs get to me. You are going to be so busy I can't wait to see your prims :)

My hubby's working with some wood too!

Take care,

This Country Girl said...


I do love fall! It was cooler here today so it feels like fall (if only for a day!) We started a full routine of schooling this week after "easing" into it for a couple of weeks. Our main curriculum came in...so we're having lots of fun now!

Have a great time with all those planned activities!

Wendi said...

I am enjoying the cooler days also. Such a nice change. My current fall plans are to deep clean the house and get rid of all the clutter. We spend so much time outside the clutter sneaks up on me each fall!

Ronda said...

Wow-You are on a creative roll-way to go. I wish I was near you to help celebrate...sounds fun.

Ronda said...

I forgot to say the most important thing-I love fall...until I moved to AZ. Fall was my favorite time of year-here in AZ it is still over 100 degrees. I live through everyone else and their autumn pictures.

Michelle said...

Wow, Michelle! You have lots going on for the fall!! Sounds like some really fun stuff. I love fall too, but I am always sad to see the summer come to an end...I think that is because I know that winter is getting close and I do not like that one bit. lol!

Have a wonderful week-end!!!

Anonymous said...

Can Miranda teach me how to sew??!!

Sounds wonderful Michelle, really wonderful!