Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Here she is!!

This is my new vintage travel trailer, from the 1960's! These things are all the rage, ya know. I don't have a name for her yet, but I am sure Miranda will help me think of one. This is it, my big purchase. Besides my house, this is the largest thing I've ever purchased. What I originally wanted to do was find one from the 50's or 60's, and restore it. I decided to place a wanted ad on craigslist, and right here in my town, there was a guy who had purchased this one 2 yrs ago, with the intentions of restoring it, and he did. So, most of the work is already done. It has sort of a 1950's diner theme going on inside. The colors are red, white and black, with red and white checked curtains, and coca-cola curtains. The guy even purchased old curtain hooks from a vintage trailer supply place like they used when this trailer was new. He wasn't completely done with it, so I got a really great price on it. We have a couple of things to do, like fix a window, and sew up a way cool canvas bunk in the back-he provided the canvas material. I am so excited. I plan on making lots of memories with my little family as we take many road trips and camping trips with this little trailer. I still hope to find one even older, and smaller someday to restore myself, but I would need to get it practically free, and allow myself years to work on it.
The week after I got my little trailer, I went into my favorite scrapbooking shop, and what did I find, but this adorable vintage travel trailer paper!! How perfect! It came with many other coordinating papers, and I am so excited to do my first layout about our first camping trip in our new trailer!


Wendi said...

Very cool!

Michelle said...

Oh, how neat! You will have lots of fun with that, I am sure!!

Mrs. U said...

Hi Michelle!!!
Thank you for visiting my blog!!

I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this trailer!!! What fun adventures you must have planned for her!!

I can't wait to look around your blog... from your profile, we've got tons in common (except, well, knitting and I have yet to get along very well... but I'm trying!!!).

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

How fabulous!!! They are all the rage here!!

chicknboy said...

how cool and cute is this?! what a great find!

Ronda said...

Love it! We want to be the first to see pictures on its maiden voyage.