Sunday, February 8, 2009

Come see the Elk...a fieldtrip!

One wonderful thing about homeschooling is you can take off 0n a field trip at any given moment. Last week we hopped in the car with some good friends and went to an Elk feeding station to view the Elk as they came down out of the hills to be fed hay. There are thousands of them. We also saw bald eagles flying around the area.
They are magnificent creatures. We were able to take a tour on the back of a big truck. We drove out into the middle of them. A couple of other trucks drive around and drop hay for them. We learned a lot about them, where they originally came from, when they have babies, etc.

There are lots of other stuffed wild animals to view inside of the building there. Here's Miranda feeding the coyote...he. he.

Miranda and Kyle. They have so much fun playing together. They enjoyed the hands on kids section as you can see.

After watching all the elk get fed, the kids were hungry too! Picnicing in the back of the car is always a treat for kids! We had so much fun! We are ready for more field trips!


Tereasa said...

Looks like fun! How I miss the bald eagles!

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

Way fun! We love to go there. Next time call me!

Dawn said...

I blogged about our fun day also. Oh, we have Miranda's coat. Do you want me to bring it to you tomorrow.

Wendi said...

Fun day! I especially liked the picnic in the back of the van. Great memories you are creating.

Handwoven Dreams said...

Hey there! I'm glad ya'll are doing well :o) Our homeschool is going well too. Didn't you once mention that ya'll are foster parents to infants? Ira and I are in the final part of the process to do that in our state.

Take care!