Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunshine, and fun!

I love this picture, it looks just like my two girls! Today is a beautiful, sunny day, and I plan on taking the girls outside to enjoy it! We have been so busy with homeschooling activities. Last week we attended a fun valentines exchange just for homeschoolers. The lady in charge encorporated God's love into the event. It was full of games, prizes, crafting and snacks. Lots of fun for the little ones! This week we are attending an event at a concert hall where homeschoolers are able to perform-a night of the arts. There will be lots of music, drama, and art work to see, I am sure. I hope to have Miranda participate next year. We also have our co-op tomorrow that is always intersting, and next week we will have our monthly country studies gathering, where we will have a potluck, and the kids will present their projects. This month we have been studying the country of Hungary...I have learned so much about this country as well, homeschooling has been great for me too! Now, I am dreaming of a trip to Hungary!

Miranda has turned into quite the avid reader already. The other day I mentioned that we would be going to the library, and I was a bit startled by her loud squeal, and leaps of joy around the room! I had no idea going to the library was such a fun event for her!! She literally loves books, and she is reading so well for her age. I love to watch her learn and grow!

Miss Lilyann continues to thrive! She is talking up a storm, and last night when I picked her up from her Puggles Awana class she was able to tell me about something that happened! She said, "Mama, LeeLeeAnn, puh, ky, ky!" Translation; "Lilyann got pushed, and cried". Apparently some little boys were running and accidentally pushed her over. Poor baby. She really wanted sympathy for it, because she continued to repeat this to me!

Well, it is time to start school for the day! Blessings!


L~ said...

Hi friend!

Enjoy our sunshine, It's doing it here too, we bbq'd yesterday! :)

Hopefully it will stick around I have a "chicken 101" field trip Saturday! :)

Do you have chickens???
I'm getting 2 little egg lay'n ladies & need to learn all about'em-QUICK! :)HA!

I love the secret language of little people! :)


Tereasa said...

I love the picture! I does look just like your girls. How sweet!

Tereasa said...

Hi Michelle, RYC, I plan to post about this soon. (Now, I've gotten sick and have put off any real posts for a while.) To answer your question, however, I have decided to go with Ambleside Online. For math, we are currently giving Ray's Arithmetic a try.

Jaime said...

That picture looks just like your girls. :-) Interesting that you studied Hungary. One of my closest friends is working at a school in Budapest this year and next. She loves it and gets to travel all over. This past weekend she went to Israel.

Poppy and Peony said...

So so glad everything is going well! So lovely to catch up!