Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beauty all around us...

Spring is all around us, and I have been inside so much, the other day, I got out to capture some of the beautiful things blooming all around our little farmhouse. Love these tulips! They are blooming in front, by the porch.
On the walkway, grape hyacinths lead the way...so simply, Spring!!!

Out back, across the yard, we have been surrounded by a full week span of beautiful blossoms...hundreds of trees with these beautiful blooms, can you guess what fruit they will produce?

And the quiet beauty of the hens, as they venture out and about, have been providing us with a constant supply of lovely brown and greenish blue eggs.
How blessed we are to have this beauty surrounding us. Spring is here, we are taking it all in. Thanking God for all He so graciously provides.

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Abbey said...

hi. i saw your blog off of Maura's -Fostering Awareness. I am a Christian foster mom to two wonderful 17 mo old boys who are heading towards adoption:) I also have a biological 5 year old daughter. Nice to meet you.