Sunday, April 4, 2010

Was it a chocolate bunny that died on the cross?

I saw that saying on a sign out in front of a church the other day. I thought it was perfect. If there is any holiday that the true meaning has been completely covered up, been misinterpreted, and hidden, it's this one. I went out shopping today and realized how very much Easter is marketed as nothing but bunnies, chicks, candy, and eggs. So sad...and so...empty.
I choose to focus on the the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter. I contemplate all that He did when He died for me, and the miracle of His resurrection. It can be a hard concept to grasp, but it is so important to understand this. I decided to do a quick search of the true meaning of Easter, and there are a lot of quick, simple to read sites that can explain what Easter is all about. And here is a definition I found:
Eas·ter (str) KEY NOUN:
A Christian feast commemorating the Resurrection of Jesus.
I am sure there are many definitions, but this is the first one I saw. I know there is a lot of history on how christians began celebrating Easter, and I hope to study more and more about this, but for now I look at it in a very simple manner. Celebrating Jesus Christ, and the day he rose from the dead after dying for our sins.
Our Easter begins with going to church in the morning. This year I offered to have a brunch at my house afterward. It will be simple, but a time to gather with family, as we celebrate Christ's resurrection. With the girls, we will do resurrection eggs, which is a carton of plastic eggs with a small object inside each one. As they open each egg, and look at the object, we will read a story to them explaining how that object relates to Jesus dying on the cross for us, then rising again, and what it all means. This is something we do each year. We will spend the rest of the day just being together at home, and of course, taking care of precious babies!!!
Wishing you a blessed Easter!

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Anonymous said...

One thing I love about living here is no Easter bunny! I think some people know about it but it isn't in any way mainstream or acknowledged or even advertised (!!). I'm amazed at the number of Christians, even in leadership roles who talk about Santa and the Easter bunny. I will never never understand it!
Off to email you now, it will be a long one :)