Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We have a 4 year old!

Friday July 16th, miss L turned 4 years old!!! It is hard for almost everyone to believe she is this old already! She chose Disney princesses as her birthday party theme, and couldn't wait to wear this dress on her special day. The morning of her birthday she was so happy and truly believed she was much bigger and could do many things now that she couldn't do before. Some things about little miss L: she is very girly, and loves to wear "pretty dresses" which she asks to wear every day. She would wear make-up if she could. She loves to learn, and loves to do "school". She loves to sing and dance. She loves barbies, and can play with them many times a day. She loves to swim, and loves "lots" of attention. She loves food, her favorite being chicken nuggets. She also loves cereal, and ice cream. She is one of the most loving kids I know. She walks around saying "You are my special momma, I love you" "You are so cute" "You are my momma, and I want to be a momma when I grow up just like you!" She loves hugs and will readily give them at any moment. She is full of life, and energy, and lots of love. Today I asked her to sing me a song and this is what she sang: (It was to the tune of "you are my sunshine")Hmm hmmm hmmm hmm hmm, you make me happy when you do a job, when you don't listen you make me sad, you make me maa-aa-aad! M and I burst out laughing! You would have had to hear it directly from her mouth. L and I talk a lot about listening and following directions as this can be difficult for her at times. She really likes to please, but also has trouble linking her disobedience to how it effects others at times. She recently sees that it does make people sad at times, and she doesn't like this. She is very outgoing, and willing to try anything new. She is a character, that's for sure! Happy birthday sweetie, you are growing up way too fast!!

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Frugal Trenches said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my favourite 4 year old :)