Saturday, December 11, 2010

Facebook is CRAZY...and so is life!

This is going to be a really random post, because my life is just, well, really random right now!

My first *serious* boyfriend used to pop back into my life every year on my b-day, after I broke up with him at the age of 14! It was crazy. In fact, the year I met my husband, I had forgotten that this ex-boyfriend of mine did this, and on my 19th b-day, I heard someone knock on the door, and I peeked out and saw the back of what I thought was my current boyfriends head. To my utter shock, when I opened the door, it was the blast from the past again....the guy who had showed up on my doorstep for the past 5 years, every birthday! Talk about awkward, as I knew my current boyfriend (now my husband) would be driving up any moment!

In 1997, I was completing my Occupational therapy degree. I wanted to do one of my 6 week internships at one of the big state mental me crazy, I know...and it was one of the most bizarre, outrageous experiences I have had to this day! I was a poor student, not knowing how I was going to find a place to live for 6 weeks, but somehow, I ended up being offered a room in a home of one of the employees that worked there. A single african american woman and her daughters. They were so kind, and supportive, especially after she informed me that the supervisor I was assigned to should actually be one of the patients there, and not an employee, lol! Needless to was a horrific experience, but God had me right where I needed to be...and this christian family supported and loved me, a complete stranger, through it all!
Fast forward 12 years, and I got a call from this woman last year! This was the first time I had talked to her since that 6 week internship, and she said she had found my number somewhere and wanted to call and check up on me! Thankfully, I remembered her and we had a nice conversation, and I thought it was so sweet that she actually picked up the phone and called!

Now, my 10 year high school reunion was a different story. I remembered most of the people there, but at one point, I was standing there, and saw this guy coming toward me with a big smile on his face and his arms spread out to his sides saying "MICHELLE!" as he gave me a big hug. I was stunned, and caught off guard for a moment, and he must have noticed, because he then said, "Don't tell me you don't remember me". Now this was an attractive guy, someone I would think I would remember, but honestly, I had NO CLUE who this person was. I still don't remember what I said to him because at that point I felt so horrible for not remembering him, and I even tried looking him up in the yearbook later, and he wasn't in it. Crazy!

Facebook is the newest way we now connect with each other, and honestly, I don't have much time to spend there. I have a hard enough time trying to maintain and sustain real life relationships, and think these are so much more important, that if I spend time on facebook I really begin to feel like I am neglecting my family and friends. I am shocked every once in awhile when I open my email and find a friend request from someone from the past. Even more surprised when it's someone I haven't talked to since I was like, 13. Today I got that friend request. It was a friend I met at the summer camp I used to go to every year in the San Juan Islands. Even more surprising, I actually remember her! Once again, it just seems so crazy to me. Crazy.

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Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

life is's supposed to be I think. Else it would be boring!