Friday, February 25, 2011

Only 2 more days...come on over & enter!!

If you haven't yet left your name in the "nest box" to win something fabulous from Lisa's adorable shop-I invite you to do so very soon! There are only a couple days left before Mattie, her hen, draws a name!
Go to her blog here-
then check out her shop, come back and leave a comment here or in the post below letting us know what you liked best!  There are lots of you that regularly comment that have not yet signed up, and we would love to have you join well as anyone else who would like to take part. Have fun & be blessed!


Starletta said...

What beautiful things are in Lisa's shop and I am so blessed to find both or your sites courtesy of MaryJane's Farm - I have to say that I absolutely love the Scripture bling! But, what I really love is the focus on helping others that I see from both of you! Peace, Star

Anna Pearl's Attic said...

Vintage Blingity Bling Bling #3 is my fav. I love Vintage Jewelry!

Michele' said...

I adore the necklace of the bird with the eggs in the nest...saying keeper of the orphans....I am over 50 now but my sister & I lost our mother during our grade school years & spent many years in a orphan's/childrens was not always easy but when I saw that necklace it was like little children in the orphans/childrens home being protected by someone that may not be their real parent but was there never-less. I am now the protector of orphan/injured/sick I have come full circle....Great piece of creativity on her artistic part!...Michele' Hen #2622

nlwitko said...

I love the focus on helping others. That really moved me. I felt so peaceful and blessed as I viewed everything. My favorite was the Vintage Jewelry #3. Everything is so beautiful!

MomOfFour said...

I really like the necklace with the patina cross. What a nice variety of items. Very fun!

reaching5678 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Denise said...

Hi Michelle. Thanks so much for letting us know about your blog and Lisa's. Enjoyed reading them both.
I just love her Wrapped in Luv aprons. So cute!

Margo aka Penny Wise fromMJF said...

so much love and creativity! isn't our Lord the greatest!!!!
thank you, Michelle and Lisa, for all you do....the children are the victors here!!!!!


Teri said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for stopping by my spot in blogland ...
Answer to your question is ... I started with Cheviots and now have Border Leicesters and Shetlands ... I now am getting more fiber sheep ... but will NEVER give up my Cheviots. I love a more primitive breed of sheep.
Have a great day.