Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So much for simplicity...

I used to talk about simplifying my life on this blog a lot. Then homeschooling became homeschooling, plus all the extra homeschooling activities we do outside the home, and a few other activities they are involved in as well. Then we took in two foster babies. Life got crazy. Busy. Hectic.

This week is a good example. On top of our weekly Awana, basketball practice, and homeschool gymnastics, we have out of town guests coming to stay the night, and our annual night of the arts for local homeschoolers, which both girls are participating in. Somewhere between daily homeschooling, and homekeeping duties, I need to fit in grocery shopping, working out, and attend an important court hearing on one of the foster babies. Oh, and don't forget, this thursday is also Chinese New Year which we have been working on finding ways to celebrate every year. It's funny how so many people think that homeschoolers are more isolated and less involved with people and social activities. We actually do more as a homeschooling family with groups, friends, co-ops and more. There is so much to do, that I have to be really careful, or we would be so much more overscheduled than we already are!

Dh and I came up with a plan. Although living simply is a huge desire of mine, I know that in a family of 6 we all of individual needs.  We needed to find ways that we can both rest and rejuvenate, relax and simplify. We needed to do this while also meeting the needs of our children. I will be sharing some of the things we are going to implement in the upcoming posts. I cannot promise that it will work, but I have my fingers crossed.

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