Friday, February 10, 2012


There's something really cool I have share. It's about a giveaway. It's better than any giveaway I have seen online, and better than any other giveaway I have ever participated in.

I often wait until the Lord gives me something meaningful before I post to this blog. I often feel that if I don't have anything really important to share, I won't share anything at all. I want substance. I want inspiration, and a word of wisdom from God.

This week the theme I have felt so heavy on my heart has been giveaway. Or give away. Or give OURSELVES away. Thankfully, over the years I have come to realize that giving of ourselves away for Him, is what really REWARDS us. Living for ourselves doesn't do much for me.

The best giveaway is when we give ourselves away.

I have come to know this all too well. Raising six young children means I don't have much time for myself in almost any capacity. I have learned to accept that. I have learned to find the joy in giving myself away. And I cannot think of a more meaningful cause than to give myself away to six of the most adorable children I know.

I heard something very sad on a radio talk show just recently. A 30 yr. old married woman called to ask a question. She was very career driven, and stated that she never wanted kids. She was calling to say she had no girlfriends and wondered why, because she really wished she had a friend or two. It came down to the fact that she wasn't willing to give of herself. She also didn't want kids for that exact reason. I am sure there are so many other women in this country in the same position. They have bought into the culture's role for them, and worked hard on a career, which then made no time for children or other people in their lives. This woman sounded miserable and depressed.

I want what God wants for me. The Bible shows us clearly what we as women are supposed to be. He wants us to have children and give of ourselves to our family. In that we find a fulfillment so much greater than any career. Ask me. I had the dream career for 13 years. I still don't regret leaving it to be at home giving even more of myself and making a difference for the Lord through the lives of these little ones. There is a peace I have now that only God can give.

It really is the best giveaway I've found.

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Michelle said...

I have had this same discussion with others- I left a very good paying job as a trainer at a phone company (previously a hs teacher) and choose to stay home with my family and foster children. I do get tired of explaining why I'm no longer "working" (ha ha- thats a joke, right?!) but I also feel that our best work done is serving others. I don't make a paycheck, but I feel so much more fulfilled as a person and mother, and I listen more acutely to what God wants me to do and not what I want to do. Which is why we have a new foster son as of yesterday, even though we've only been home with our newest daughter from China a month- there was a need, and it's our duty to fill those needs for these kids. Many days our comfort flies out the window, but at the end of the day, we know it's the right thing to do.
Keep up the incredible work that you are doing, even though it's exhausting and many days feels unappreciated!