Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Have you heard of this? A soda containing Stevia!!! What is stevia? It is a natural sweetener made from an herb found in the rainforests. I have been using Stevia for about 4 years, and I was so excited to now find that there is a pop made with it!! I cannot drink regular soda, because it is filled with nothing but sugar, which is not good for a person who tends to have high blood sugar. Diabetes runs on both sides of my family. I had it during my pregnancy, and if I am not careful, I will have it too. Due to the fact that I will not touch anything with aspartame, the artificial sweetener that turns to wood alcohol in your system, or sucralose (splenda) that turns into chlorine in your system, I used to make my own soda pop when I felt the need. I would just buy some carbonated water, add some fresh squeezed lemon, and a dash of powdered stevia, and there you have it! But this new product, Zevia, is much better, much more convenient, and it comes in a variety of flavors. I recently came across it at my local grocery store, and I had a little celebration in the aisle, just me and my new 6 pack of Zevia. It was the twist flavor, and it was good! Very lemon-limy, sweet, crisp, and best of all...natural. The herb stevia is actually very good for you! So, I just had to share with you all, because to me this is a breakthrough. Who wants to load their body up with empty calories and sugar, like in regular pop, or poison your body with all the artificial sweeteners they put in diet sodas when you can now choose a soda with an all natural sweetener? I won't even feel guilty giving my kids one once in awhile!
You can find this product at
Note: I am not being paid for talking about this. I really did just find this product, and got so excited about it, I had to share!!


Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing that, Michelle! I never buy soda, because if it is in the house....I will always choose that over water. This way, since I have no choice....I drink water all day long. lol! My mom is addicted to the stuff though and I really worry about all of the diet soda she is drinking as it contains those very harmful sweeteners that you mention. I am going to pass this info onto her. Thanks again!

This Country Girl said...


I really appreciate you sharing that! I hope that I can find it in a local grocery store. Do you know if Walmart carries it? I have been off aspartame for 3 weeks today (& feeling better), but I have been drinking some regular sodas....and I don't want those calories! I think it was no accident that you shared this TODAY! Thanks and if you have any pointers on where to find it...I'd appreciate it! I'm sitting here with my glass of ice water right now! lol!

Do they have different flavors? I was "addicted" to Diet Mountain Dew.


plain*worker*primitives said...

Thanks for posting, I am going to look to see if we have it. I think my sister would like to try this as well. I will not eat any artificial sweetners myself (or my girls) I have always felt these were so bad for our bodies. Yuck.

Take care,

GNG Girl said...

Okay, what store did you find it? :)
I HAVE to quit the Diet Coke thing for good!
I keep fall'n off the wagon! :)
I'm trying to go organic & no white flour, sugar, etc. so any tips you have to share are very welcome!!!

GNG Girl said...

WOOHOO Update-I found it locally & I'll let you know what I think, I'll pick some up tomorrow!