Sunday, August 3, 2008

Goats on the porch!!??!!

Here is the front porch to our little farmhouse. See the steep stairs going up?? This is the porch I have talked about that we use and love so much after we had it built on a few years ago. We do so many things out here, we BBQ, have parties and just sit and relax. The window to the right is our little sunroom/computer room. That is where I can sit and do some work on computer while looking out over the porch and yard. The other day as I was sitting there, I was startled! I heard a sound I had never heard before. It was loud, and coming my way! I look out on the porch and here is what I found:
Our goats were on the porch! I had not idea they could even climb stairs like that! I have no idea what they wanted to do up there.
You can't see it well here, but Cocoa, the male on the right, has a big, wide belly. When I went to grab him to take him to the barn, he proceeded to "DIVE" off the porch! Yes, he went through one of those narrow slots you see there! He was half way through, and stuck. I had to gradually pull him through the other side, and lift him up, then safely walk down the stairs with him. I think he may have hurt himself terribly if he would have made the leap down. I still have no idea how he acutually fit his body through there!


Tereasa said...

Oh, that is so cute and so funny! Thank you for sharing. I just love seeing pictures of your little farm.

BTW, I received the Above Rubies DVDs last week and have watched three of them. I'd like to email about this sometime.

Michelle said...

That is so funny! They are really cute little guys..or gals! I am glad the one did not get hurt!!

have a great week!!

Michelle said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for the comment. It looks like we a lot in common - same name, for one, plus a Russian and Chinese adoption. Your girls are beautiful and I love your front porch!

This Country Girl said...


I absolutely love your porch! I can picture your family out there sipping lemonade!

Cocoa is so cute! My dad (next door) used to have goats and we've raised a few from bottles...they're so funny! Poor Cocoa...getting stuck!


Farm Chick Paula said...

Awww how cute! I would let those little fellers in my house!!
I've raised chickens in my laundry room and a lamb in my living room, so this would be nothing out of the ordinary! LOL

Alyson & Ford said...

Since I don't live on a farm, nor am I around animals very often (except the domestic kind), it looks "charming" to have goats on your front porch! They are too cute.
Just "found" your blog. You have a beautiful family and home.
Enjoyed reading!

Alyson LID 01/27/06

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Those little rascals. Good thing they are so cute! ~Wendi

~~ said...

LOL...cute kids... Your post brought back memories of the goats on our farm! They are curious creatures aren't they? Love it!

Raggedy Angel said...

I love your goat...I want some!

Amie said...


Thanks for stopping by the blog to say hi!

I LOVE this porch. If I had one like this, I think I would spend all my time out there. It is beautiful. And that is hilarious that the goats came up on the porch. What a hoot!

btw- your family is adorable!