Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some summer scenes!

This summer has already been busier than usual! So far I have traveled to Seattle twice. The first trip was to celebrate Jeff's big 4-0 birthday! We stayed at a hotel downtown, visited my favorite place, the Pike Place Market, and took in an amazing dinner show called Teatro Zinzanni. Some of the most amazing talent takes place all around you, as you are served a 5 course meal by the cast, and others involved in the show. It was wonderful. Two weeks later we returned to take the kiddos to the Seattle science center. It was fun!
Last week we went to Idaho and spent time at Silverwood theme park. They are well known for their roller coasters. Lilyann even rode a child size coaster! She would say "more", "more!" everytime we got off of a ride with her. I think she may be thrill seeker. We then spent time at my dad' s cabin, where Miranda got to go fishing for the first time. She caught the biggest fish, and she was hooked! We enjoyed some relaxing days just hanging out on the cabin porch, or swimming at the nearby lake. Jeff has also been taking the girls to his moms house on Lake Chelan on the days I am at work. Here are some pictures from some of our summer outings:

The Space needle at the Seattle center. This is the location of the science center we took the girls to as well. It was a great day to be in Seattle with the clear blue skies and mild tempts!
Cousin Olivia, Lilyann, and Miranda, hanging out at Boulder Beach, the big waterpark at Silverwood. This is where we spent most of our time there, we all love water, including Lilyann!
The lakes up by my dad's cabin are so quiet and calm. This lake had a campground, and a perfect little swimming beach. Lilyann liked to sit on the beach and play in the sand by the water.
My happy little fishergirl. I mean this girl LOVES to fish. She caught her limit each night, and begged to stay out on the lake even when it was starting to get dark.
Hangin out on the log cabin porch. Lilyann saw Miranda posing for pictures here, and wanted to do the same thing. This was the first time she has done this as she is usually oblivious to my camera and won't sit still for me. The cabin is very rustic. We roasted marshmallows outside at night. We would watch ground squirrels, hummingbirds, and a mama deer and her fawn from the window every morning and evening. On the last day we hiked into the woods to pick huckleberries. We were always on the lookout for bears, moose and cougars, and I made sure dad had his gun with him!

It was a fun time, and we hope to return to the cabin next year. We have a few more short trips planned this summer, then things will start to settle down as my favorite season of the year rolls in...fall!!!


Tereasa said...

Sounds wonderful. Too bad we don't live in Spokane anymore. Your trip to Silverwood would have been a great opportunity to meet!

I miss those *warm* lake waters,probably more than I miss anything. The Great Lakes are beautiful, but not as good for swimming.

Michelle said...

Having a cabin to visit sounds soooo nice and relaxing! I wish we knew someone with a cabin on
the lake. hee hee!

What sweet pictures of the girls! Especially the one of Lilyann posing on the porch for you!

Happy Birthday to Jeff!!

chicknboy said...

sweet pics! the one of her hanging on the cabin railing is so cute!

This Country Girl said...

Looks like everyone was having a great time...they're all smiles!