Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One week down!

And I am 2.2 lbs lighter! Yeah! So far this weight loss thing hasn't been too hard. I am choosing to do the weight watchers point system, which I have done before, and it is very simple, as well as realistic. It allows me to feel much more controlled with my eating. It also allows me to eat something sweet when I need to. Nothing big, but something to satisfy that craving.

I have been thinking for months about starting back up with weight watchers, but two things happened last week that made me finally recommit.

1. I was looking for some clothes to wear to work one morning, and out of a huge pile of clothes that used to fit me a year ago, none of them fit! That left me with only a few limited pieces of clothing I could wear.
2. I read on the internet headlines the top tip that most people with successful weight loss did: wrote down what they ate. Keeping a daily food log is part of the weight watchers points plan. You have a certain number of daily points. Each food has a certain number of points assigned to it. It's easy to figure out, easy to keep track, and easy to do. I find this really is crucial. Writing it down is one thing I often hear people say they don't want to do with a weight loss program. But it really is key to success. It doesn't take much time at all.

This week will be more challenging though. I am going to find myself in the middle of many big food eating situations, starting with Lilyann's bday party tomorrow. Pray for me!!


chicknboy said...

hey -good job!!! it's been a week since you posted this post..so hopefully everything went well. how did the b-day party go?!

Deb & Kevin said...

I was recently tagged by Trish who was in China last Nov adopting her daughter Izzy when we were there too. The rules of tagging is to list six words that describe yourself and tag five new people.