Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eat your veggies!

Two weeks down, and another 1.8 lbs gone! We left on a little trip the day after Lilyann's b-day last wednesday, and I knew I wasn't prepared with the right kinds of food. We first hit an amusement park/waterslide place and camped out for a night. I was so busy with work, and party preparations last week, that I had Jeff bring the food. Little did I know that he had planned peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches for dinner that night we were camping! (Note to self: plan and pack all meals for future camping trips!!). The next day, I searched the amusement park for something healthy. Here were my choices-fat laden elephant ears smothered in sugary slime, gobs of ice cream, and corn dogs. My best choice was the corn dog. I don't usually ever eat corn dogs. For one thing, processed meat is so harmful to our bodies, and it is full of fat, and who knows what else! I also quit eating pork a few years ago, so if I have to, I usually chose a turkey hot dog. What the amusement park corn dog was made of, I hope I never know!!
The next 3 days were spent at my Dad's cabin in the mountains. What a treat. I will hopefully share some photos in the near future. We enjoyed time at the lake, swimming, fishing, and picking wild huckleberries. Although I still wasn't prepared with the foods I needed while at the cabin, I was much more careful with the quantity of food I put in my mouth. Needless to say, after weighing in today, I was cringing, just knowing I would see a weight gain, but pleasantly surprised to find out I actually lost over a pound.
I am working on a slideshow to put up of Lilyann's b-day party. It was a fun time! I still can't believe she is 2 already! Check back soon!


Ronda said...

Way to go-sounds like your vacation was fun. I so agree with you about hot dogs-not yummy.

Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by. I have found digital scrapbooking to be pretty easy and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE not having to clean up big messes when I'm done scrapbooking. ;-) The hardest thing for me has been to have patience while my digital kits download. I highly recommend going digital. (Sorry to all my friends who sell CM!)

BTW, your kids are adorable!

Michelle said...

Hooray for you with the weight loss!! I am also trying to lose weight...I hope I am able to do as well as you..maybe I should try WW, too!

Have a wonderful week!