Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm a big girl!!

The other day I had placed a bunch of kids books on the couch for Lilyann to read, as you can see in this photo. I came back into the room about 5 min. later, and found her deeply engrossed in one of my husbands seed/gardening catalogs. Why read a fun kids book, when you can read a gardening catalog? I find her doing this often. She seems to like our books, catalogs, and magazines much better than her own!


Wendi said...

Cute! I'd pick the gardening catalog over the kids book too.

day by day said...

Oh, how cute! She IS getting to be a big girl!!

Happy New Year, Michelle!!!

GNG Girl said...

HA ~ big shot! :)
You can just see how very pleased with herself she is, makes me chuckle! :)

So, I haven't forgotten my partner in prim snowman collecting! :)
I have your box here & there's still more goodies to stuff in there so you're gonna have to wait a bit longer! It will be worth the wait-promise! :) It will be like a gift all over again next year when you unpack it! :)

Hope all is well in Yak are you tired of the snow yet??? :)
In awe of Him!

Tereasa said...

That is too cute!

plain*worker*primitives said...

She is sooo cute, those kids books are just not her level she needs mature reading! lol :) sorry have not been around much but glad to see all is well :)


Jimmie said...

It's wonderful that she's surrounded by lots of print to "read."

As far as Chinese New Year, visit this link. It's especially geared toward a unit study on the holiday. Hope that helps you.