Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Mama, play ball!"

Lilyann is talking!!! A couple of months ago we had a speech therapist I work with come in and start working with Lilyann, since she was just not getting past her one word phrases, and her speech didn't seem to be progressing. DH was a bit more concerned than I, but I agreed to some short term intervention. Within a few weeks she started stringing together two words, and now she puts many 3 word sentences together! "Mama, play ball!" is one I hear a lot. I also hear, "Mama, I hung-ree" quite often. It is really cute! You can see her little mind going when she is trying to think of what it is she is trying to say, but she just can't find the words! She is trying hard, and we usually can't get her little jabberjaws to stop most of the time and I have to have her take a quiet time, just so I can rest my ears a bit! I can tell from here on out, life is going to be interesting, as the world of words and phrases is opening up for her!


Wendi said...

How wonderful! I know what you mean about having a quiet time so your ears can rest... lol ... we have a little chatterbox in our home.

plain*worker*primitives said...

Aww, she is beautiful.
Yep, soon you'll be wondering if/when she breathes, because she talks so much! My middle daughter calls me mama too, the oldest mom and Jamie my youngest, mommy. :)


Michelle said...

what a sweet picture! and how wonderful it must be to hear those words from her!