Thursday, April 9, 2009

She's done!!!

Miranda and I have been busy in the craft room! This is a little kitty we just finished up this morning. We had so much fun making her. Miranda will get to keep this one, but we have many more in all different coordinating colors ready to finish, and I can't wait to see how they all turn out!

Here is a stitchery pillow I made for Miranda a couple years ago. I am working on five other prim stitchery pillows right now, including another one of these!

Here's a sheep collector Annie I found on Ebay a few years back! I just love to bring her out in the Spring. I love Raggedy Ann dolls. I have some patterns for some very cute prim Annie's I want to get started on soon!

And here is my little spring block set I have in my kitchen right now. I love it! I am hoping to get one of these for every season, and so far I only have this one and winter, so I am keeping my eyes open for a summer and fall set I can't live without!
One of my problems is I have far too may interests in the area of creative crafting/handwork/etc. I love it all! I still have a knitted scarf, and a quilt in the works as well. Since Jeff has a big wood shop out in the barn, I have been trying my hand at sign making, and primitive birdhouse making as well. One reason I love primitive crafting, is that everything you make looks better imperfect, and I am very imperfect with my sewing skills! Since I had to teach myself a few years ago, I really didn't get the proper training, therefore, primitive Annie's, prim stitchery pillows, and the little kitty above are perfect projects for me!
I am on a roll, and hope to come back soon with more of our projects to share!


Anonymous said...

That kitten is flat out adorable! What an amazing job you guys did!

Wendi said...

Cute stuff!

Calico Sky said...

My goodness you are soooo talented! WOW!!!!

Spirit of Adoption said...

You are so talented! That cat is adorable!!! : )