Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nativity scenes from around the world...

There was a nativity set blog carnival going on the other day, and I wanted to participate, but have been so busy, I just now have a chance to put my pictures up. I love the idea of collecting nativity sets from around the world! In fact, I think I just might start collecting them now! I'm all about simplicity, so this one above is my nativity set that I put out each Christmas. I love it. The following are pictures I took of some of the nativity sets they had displayed at the mountain meadow Christmas we went to a few weeks ago:
This one is from Bethlehem.

This one is from Jerusalem.

Even one from Alaska!

Khyrgystan, now this is unique! Why didn't I pick up a Nativity set when I was in russia? I am sure I could have found a beautiful one there. Okay, now I have an excuse for more international travel-that I have been craving lately! It's been too long since I've traveled, and I am getting the bug! Do you think my DH will plan some out of country trips just so I can go shopping?? I can dream!
We studied Germany last month for our country studies homeschool co-op, and being german, I learned so much! M decided to do a presentation on the Christmas markets in Germany. So festive and fun!! They have outdoor markets in almost every town and village! I am dying to go to Germany next Christmas! The cool thing we learned during our studies is that my great grand father came over on a ship from Germany and landed in New York. I know the ship he was on, and what city he was from in Germany...maybe I need to go trace my ancestry, now that's a good reason for a trip, right? Oh, I would love to go back to russia, and china as well...I fell in love with both places. I would also love to see England, Thailand, Italy, and Japan.
The world is an amazing place!!!


Karen said...

We should take a trip back to China together...hehe

JanMary said...

Thanks for joining in the Nativity carnival - I loved seeing the sets from around the world.

Carrie said...

Great post...Christ came to save all the world, so it's great to see depictions of his birth from different cultures!
I just found this nativity carnival and am enjoying reading each post.

I have an entire blog just on my nativity collection with scenes from some 50 countries. You are welcome to visit any time:

Happy New Year!