Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Have you heard this song?

It's called "Merry Christmas" by Third Day

It is probably one of the most meaningful songs I have ever known. I have been trying to find this song to put on this blog since last year. I just found it, and watched it, and I am in tears, you see, it tells the story of us bringing home Lilyann from China. This song came out the Christmas before we brought her home in 2006. As I listened to it then, I knew that our baby was already born, waiting for us. (Later when we got our referral, we found out she WAS born in July of 2006)I just knew we would have her by the next Christmas, 2007...and we is such a beautiful song, and it tells our story. Amazing. Merry Christmas.


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I just heard it on another blog just not even 15 minutes before I saw it here! A friend, Joanne, is waiting on her son to come home from China too and has it posted! You know I can certainly identify! I was in tears...I mean big crocodile tears! Such a special song....


Lori Ann said...

I bawled. Christmas will be so fun this year! Lily has been singing Jesus songs all week. Melts my heart!