Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kids or cars???

There are a lot of decisions coming up, changes happening, exciting things that lie ahead. This past week, DH and I had a little getaway together. We attended an adoption meeting (more on this soon), and we did some car shopping. We have two mini vans at the moment. A newer one, and our old one. We need to sell our older one and replace it with a car. Like most guys, DH has his eye on a few that he likes. Now, you must understand, I have a VERY frugal (cheap) husband. He has a very hard time making decisions because he must get the best deal. The car must get excellent gas mileage, and be something that has good reviews and will last awhile. I really have no interest in cars at this point, knowing the ones that catch my eye, are not fuel efficient, and would not make a lot of sense to purchase, other than for the looks. I was listening to Dave Ramsey on the car radio the other day, and he stated something about the average american paying over $400 for a car payment each month. He always tells people to sell their cars to get rid of that payment, and it makes sense. We have never had car payments...ever. We wait until we have enough to afford a used car, then research the vehicle that makes the most sense now, and start looking. We then purchase the car in full. This has worked out great, as it relieves us of monthly car payments, which then means we aren't stuck working a 40 hour work week to pay for it, and we have much more family time. Currently I work one 10 hour day per week, and Jeff teaches 3 days per week at our local primary school.

As I accompanied my husband around to a few car lots the other day, I must say, I did have a little love affair with a beautiful little SUV. It was the most unique bluish-green color, with silver trim, and it was all sparkly and cute. I found myself daydreaming of taking it on country drives, and into the city on weekends, until I asked about the price. I returned back to reality, and realized that my kids come first. At this point in my life, I choose kids. I could have that lovely little vehicle if I really wanted...but that would mean many hours away from home, and away from my kids. It just doesn't make sense. It also comes down to what you value, and what you allow to get in the way of your dreams. Our society could easily sway me in the direction of materialism, and work-a-holism, chasing a career, and more money, but I am stubborn, and refuse to listen to the world's viewpoint, and I have learned a little along the way. None of that is really all that fulfulling. No car can ever take the place of 4 little girls smiling at me each day, as I cherish the time I have with them, and realize that even with all the time I do have, it still slips by much too quickly. Kids or cars? There will never be a question in my mind about this one. Kids win by far.


Jill said...

Many smiles from me Michelle! :)

Karen said...

That is very well said. I couldn't agree more with you.