Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday thoughts...

So far, it has been the wetest spring in my area since 1948. I am originally from the Seattle area, so rain was something I was used to. However, living on the dry, hot, side of the state for the past 17 years is something I have had to work to get used to. Sun is something we normally see almost every day here, but this year, it has been been replace by clouds and rain. I love it!!!!!!!!!

The heat is something I have had to learn to tolerate, and I don't tolerate it well. I do like sunny days, but I prefer to stay in the shade, or indoor air conditioning if it's anywhere above 80 degrees.

I have used these rainy days as great learning opportunities for my kids. People tend to refer to the rain as "bad" weather, or "yucky" weather. I like to teach my children that it's just weather, and God made all kinds, sun, rain, wind, snow, hail, and more. Complaining about a rainy day, or calling it a negative name cannot change it, so why do that? I have been able to teach my kids about what all this rain will do, and what it is doing for our garden, our lawn, the lakes, and more. We go out and find the beauty in it. We learn to splash in puddles, and take walks in the rain. There's nothing better than a walk in the rain! Another thing I love about rain is the opportunity to come inside, and grab a warm blanket, a book, and get cozy on the couch while listening to rain on the roof. There are so many positives about rain, and I think we can use it as a tool for teaching our children ways to look at the positive sides of everything, by showing them that rain is really a good thing and brings us many gifts. Thank God for rain!!!


Cora said...

good for you!! I love the rain and the snow and the sun, but I am a little ready for the sun. Love living in a area with 4 seasons.

Calico Sky said...

I am the exact same! I adore rain, I adore cloudy sky! lol it never seems bad to me :)