Thursday, August 19, 2010

Babies Update!

Here are my sweet, precious, foster babies! My littlest, baby C is now 5 mos. old, sitting up in her bumbo seat and playing with toys. Baby L is now 14 mos. old, walking, and tearing the house apart! She is incredibly smart, and using baby signs to communicate, as well as talking a lot! She still laughs at everything, and brings so much joy!
Baby C is adorable, and very cuddly. She smiles a lot and loves to be held. Both are right on track developmentally. Yeah! This is a blessing, due to their past history of exposure.
Yesterday I spent all afternoon in court. A hearing for baby C was happening, and the judge likes to see a foster parent there. I sat through so many sad cases. I heard story after story of children needing to go to counseling due to their parents poor choices. I heard heartbreaking stories of brokenness, and hopelessness.
There is still really no movement on either case...and everyone anticipates at least another year before anything permanant is decided. Baby L's mom remains in jail, with no end in sight, as her trial is cancelled again. DNA did come back, and we now know who the biological father is, so that is one positive step I can report. The rest of her case is truly the most ridiculous situation I could have never dreamed is literally something that could happen that would send us all to our knees in prayer, asking-how? why?
My God is bigger than all of these scenarios. He knows His children. Through prayer, we know these children are in His hands.
We trust. We surrender. We love. We wait.


Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

They have grown so so much and are just beautiful! ((((hugs)))

Handwoven Dreams said...

Precious - both the babies and your sweet spirit!