Friday, August 27, 2010

New plans...

" I am a princess" miss L likes to say. She just got this new dress from her aunt and uncle and it is adorable on her. Thanks D & A!

We have some exciting new plans for her...

She is getting ready to go to preschool soon-three days a week!

Although we are very commited to homeschooling, we know this is something L will thrive with, and it will keep her busy, as she is a very energetic, social, and outgoing child who loves to be occupied throughout the day.

We sent M to preschool when she was 5. We had already decided to homeschool by then, but M had huge separation anxiety issues even at that age. This was something we had noticed since babyhood. We had tried everything, and it didn't help. We thought preschool might help. The teachers saw her extreme separation anxiety, and assured me this was normal, and that it would disappear in a couple weeks. I smiled, and explained that although that would be ideal, they didn't know M, and they might be surprised. Four months later, her separation anxiety was not lessening, as I suspected. The teachers held a conference, and said they had never encountered a child like her, and they put her on their prayer list. We decided to continue with preschool even though her anxiety continued. Nearing the end of the school year, we saw a slight improvement, and we also noticed that she was enjoying herself, learning, and fully engaged in the class. To this day, she still has very fond memories of preschool.

Miss L is a very different child. There is no separation anxiety to deal with, and she thrives with lots of activities, music, and attention. She is a social butterfly. We decided to allow her to have a year of christian preschool just like M had. Then we will start up with homeschool Kindergarten next fall. I am sure it will be a year of sweet memories she will always remember.

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Wendi said...

We put Megan into preschool three mornings a week. It was a very tough decision. Her separation issues was one of the factors in deciding to send her. This was the first week and she did great on Monday and Friday. Wednesday was a very difficult morning. She is having a great time and I know that her separation will get better and better. Hope that L has a wonderful experience!