Saturday, October 23, 2010

Foster care update...

So much is going on around here, but I did want to do a quick foster care update!

Since the BIG meeting about baby L, and her mom getting out of jail, things have been going well with visitations. It had been 7 mos. since they had seen each other, so I wasn't sure what baby L would remember since she is now only 16 mos. old. I was able to go to the first visit. I wanted baby L to feel comfortable and I wanted to fill her mom in on things about baby L. It was great to see them together. She loves this baby so much! She was so excited to spend time with her. I was happy that with some reassurance from me, mellow little baby L was able to ease back into it. I showed her mom what makes her laugh, how to get her to talk, what foods she loves, etc. She brings presents to her at every visit now. She is getting another chance at regaining her rights to her, but the dept. states that it is very close, and may not be enough time for her. The dept. will be making their decision on who they feel the next option is, the relatives, or us, next week. A court date will then be set, and depending on what her mom does in the next few months, a permanant decision should be made at the hearing sometime in the new year.

Baby C's father continues to protest everything the dept. and the courts are doing. He is even contesting the adoption of a prior child of his that has already been adopted by a relative. Most of it is getting thrown out all the time, but apparently they have to hear him out. He was recently described to me as a legal nightmare. Since he is doing all this it is delaying her case further, while both parents work none of their plan. I guess they just like to fight the system but do nothing to really show they are doing what it will really take.

That's about it! More updates will come as I find out more!

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Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Wow, Michelle! It sounds like you have to endure alot. I admire you for being foster parents. I'm not sure I could do it, but then again if God called me to do it, I know he would equip me as well!