Monday, October 25, 2010

Life is fragile...

Just one week ago, I was just out of the hospital ER, beginning to recuperate from a serious health crisis. It came out of the blue. I thought I had a slight stiff neck. It progressed to the point of unimaginable pain anytime I turned my head in the slightest in any direction. IV narcotics only took the edge off. It was crazy. It was bizarre. But, through it all I have learned to truly appreciate the access to healthcare we have in this country. I am still on antibiotics now, and off all steroids and pain medication. I can still feel the infection, as the antibiotics work to kill it off day by day. I am so thankful, and greatly blessed, as I know that if I lived in many other nations I may not have lived through this. I could have never had the opportunity to get the meds I needed. I could have had to suffer in the agony of that pain, as the infection spread from my neck through my head and brain. I am so aware of how very fortunate I am to have the medical care I needed right when I needed it. Thank you, Lord. I pray that somewhere, right now, someone else suffering will be relieved of their pain and suffering and a miracle of healing would be upon them! Amen.

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