Sunday, August 29, 2010


If I wasn't living this, I would never believe it.
I guess I will call this post an update on our foster babies, but it will also probably turn into a rant.

A few weeks ago I got a call from the SW. She said that there was a really nice guy that came forward, stating he was the father of baby L. Now, keep in mind, the dna test was underway on guy #1 , the man that baby L's mom has always named as the father. The SW stated that she had to go along with this guy, and help him. They went and put his name on baby L's birth certificate! She said to be prepared, that baby L would start visitations with this guy soon. DH and I were shocked that there is nothing legal that has to be done first. Apparently, any random man can come forward, state they are the father, have their name legally placed on the child's birth certificate, and be granted visitations to the child. This is so unbelievable, and ridiculous, in my opinion. This guy is actually an ex-boyfriend of baby L's mom. From what we gather, her and this guy have been talking and devised this plan. Since she is still in jail, she would have this guy take custody of baby L, then move in with him when she gets out.
Within a week after this, the dna results were in. Guy #1 IS the father. Since then, I have heard nothing. The bio father hasn't even requested to meet his daughter yet. The fake father has not had visitations either, and I also heard that there is a chance that he may still have a chance at visitations just by showing interest. I also heard that they have to go through a major process to get him off of the birth certificate now. Then, what really surprised me was, yesterday I recieved a new state medical card in the mail for baby L. When DH and I ripped open the envelope, and saw what it was, our bottom lips hit the floor--It had the fake dads last name hyphenated with moms last name! Give me a break, this has gone way too far! Where has the common sense gone? I have no idea what will happen next with this case, I think I will put in a call to the SW this week.
Meanwhile, baby L continues to thrive, and laugh, and giggle and smile! She will be 15 mos. old in a couple days. Let's hope her case speeds up, and also becomes a little less full of drama. You just can't make these things up, like I said, I would never believe this if I wasn't in the middle of it!

M's Blog

My 8 yr. old, M, has a new post up on her blog. We had some issues with it, but they are fixed, and she is now hoping to blog regularly. Go here to see what she is up to.

Friday, August 27, 2010

New plans...

" I am a princess" miss L likes to say. She just got this new dress from her aunt and uncle and it is adorable on her. Thanks D & A!

We have some exciting new plans for her...

She is getting ready to go to preschool soon-three days a week!

Although we are very commited to homeschooling, we know this is something L will thrive with, and it will keep her busy, as she is a very energetic, social, and outgoing child who loves to be occupied throughout the day.

We sent M to preschool when she was 5. We had already decided to homeschool by then, but M had huge separation anxiety issues even at that age. This was something we had noticed since babyhood. We had tried everything, and it didn't help. We thought preschool might help. The teachers saw her extreme separation anxiety, and assured me this was normal, and that it would disappear in a couple weeks. I smiled, and explained that although that would be ideal, they didn't know M, and they might be surprised. Four months later, her separation anxiety was not lessening, as I suspected. The teachers held a conference, and said they had never encountered a child like her, and they put her on their prayer list. We decided to continue with preschool even though her anxiety continued. Nearing the end of the school year, we saw a slight improvement, and we also noticed that she was enjoying herself, learning, and fully engaged in the class. To this day, she still has very fond memories of preschool.

Miss L is a very different child. There is no separation anxiety to deal with, and she thrives with lots of activities, music, and attention. She is a social butterfly. We decided to allow her to have a year of christian preschool just like M had. Then we will start up with homeschool Kindergarten next fall. I am sure it will be a year of sweet memories she will always remember.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I don't understand...

I don't understand why christians are allowing their children to read the Twilight series, and they are also allowing them to watch the movies. They don't get the danger in it. Do they not see the dark side of this, and how this is not at all associated with God's light? We as christians should always be moving toward His light, not the darkness. Is it okay for christians to take part in this type of thing? Just ask yourself, "Would this be pleasing to God?" And then you will know the answer.
The guy below has a very good message, and it is A MUST WATCH:

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Blog

My sweet friend just started a new is gorgeous (so jealous!), and will surely bless you! Go here , to be inspired, and blessed!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Babies Update!

Here are my sweet, precious, foster babies! My littlest, baby C is now 5 mos. old, sitting up in her bumbo seat and playing with toys. Baby L is now 14 mos. old, walking, and tearing the house apart! She is incredibly smart, and using baby signs to communicate, as well as talking a lot! She still laughs at everything, and brings so much joy!
Baby C is adorable, and very cuddly. She smiles a lot and loves to be held. Both are right on track developmentally. Yeah! This is a blessing, due to their past history of exposure.
Yesterday I spent all afternoon in court. A hearing for baby C was happening, and the judge likes to see a foster parent there. I sat through so many sad cases. I heard story after story of children needing to go to counseling due to their parents poor choices. I heard heartbreaking stories of brokenness, and hopelessness.
There is still really no movement on either case...and everyone anticipates at least another year before anything permanant is decided. Baby L's mom remains in jail, with no end in sight, as her trial is cancelled again. DNA did come back, and we now know who the biological father is, so that is one positive step I can report. The rest of her case is truly the most ridiculous situation I could have never dreamed is literally something that could happen that would send us all to our knees in prayer, asking-how? why?
My God is bigger than all of these scenarios. He knows His children. Through prayer, we know these children are in His hands.
We trust. We surrender. We love. We wait.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A must read.

Read this for some enlightenment, and for a good laugh. This made my day, and I am so thankful I did not need dental care when I was in China.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Here she is!!!

Meet Angel, our new foster puppy. First off, I want to appologize for not getting these pictures on sooner, so that you would all understand that I am not crazy, and did not take in another foster human baby.

Miranda is an animal lover, and she is passionate about saving animals. Angel was brought to the animal rescue organization we are working with last saturday. She was almost dead. They did not believe she would live, but they began giving her fluids, and she improved! They were waiting for a few days to watch how she did before placing her in our home. She is so skinny and her ribs are showing, but she seems to be getting stronger. I have been asking Miranda what she would like to do this year to develop her own talents and interests. Ballet? Art classes? Continue with piano lessons? Every time I asked her these questions she would always reply, "I want to help animals". Just last month I started working with a new little boy at work. His mom shared with me that she works for a dog rescue. It's amazing how God just provides! When I asked her more about it, and if my daughter could help, she was so excited! The more she explained, the more I knew this was exactly what we were looking for! She came over to our house, and spent 2 hours training Miranda and getting her ready for her first foster puppy placement...and that brings us to today. Angel will be with us for 3 weeks, and then will move on to her forever home. Miranda will then be able to help another puppy, and she is loving it so far!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's ANOTHER girl!!!

We have another foster baby, a sweet little girl, 8 weeks old. We just picked her up this evening! She has dark brown eyes, and is so cute!!! Pictures to come!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Unfortunately, it's true...

What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?? I have too many to count, but thankfully, most of my days of doing the not-so-bright thing are over, I hope! A few years ago, my supervisor and I were talking at work about the dumbest things we've ever done. She thought she could top mine by saying that she took a can of therapeutic icy cold spray (we're both therapists) and sprayed it non stop on her hand until it hurt, not knowing she had given herself a severe frost bite burn, and burned a hole right into her hand! Now, my story is, one day when I was 15 years old, I was basking in the sun on a beautiful lakeside beach one summer, and as I was enjoying the bronze tan the sun was giving me, it must have also fried my brain. Somehow, I decided that I would play a little game with myself. I called it "How long can I stare at the sun???" So, I tried it. I counted up until about 9, I believe, and finally had to look away. Later, I met my parents back at our campsite. I had no idea anything was wrong until I looked at my mom. I could not see her face. I could only see a faint outline of her head and body. I couldn't see anything I tried to look at. All I saw was one big black BLIND spot! To say that I panicked was an understatement. I freaked! My mom did too. And then I had to tell them about my little game with the sun. It was night time by then, and I prayed I would wake up with my vision restored. Morning came, and when I opened my eyes, the big black hole was all I could see.

When monday morning arrived, my parents rushed me to a Seattle hospital to see a vision specialist. A very kind and compassionate older doctor examined my eyes. He told me that my retinas were burned from the sun. He said that when people look at an eclipse, this is exactly what he sees with their eyes. Except mine was worse, as I had stared at the sun for a longer period of time. He was so warm and kind, and he gave me some hope. He said to go home, and come back the next week, and he would know the extent of my damage. I went home, and I prayed. My grandmother prayed for me and told me that God could heal my eyes. I believed her. That week of blindness was a very humbling experience, and it was a turning point in my faith in God. I went back to the doctor, and I felt that I was seeing a bit better! He examined my eyes, and noted that my right eye had completely healed! Praise God. I wasn't really a christian then, but I think this was the beginning of my walk with God. The next time my eyes were examined, my right eye(retina) was still healed, and my left eye only had minimal scarring. The amazing thing was that my vision was completely restored! When both of my eyes are open, my right eye compensates for the blind spot that remains in my left eye, so that I don't see the blind spot at all! I was healed, and I thank God for that healing to this day!

So, as you can see, this was not a lie from my post below, it is a truth, and a wonderful testimony of God's mercy, grace, and healing!
My little fib was the one about adding Llamas and Alpacas to my farm...I am a little overwhelmed with all my little girls and goats, and can't imagine adding more critters to the farm.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Three truths, one lie!!!

I can't believe I am doing this, but I just saw something like this on another blog and felt like playing this fun little game too! Below are three actual truths, and one lie, leave a comment with your guess as to which one is the lie, this should be fun!!!

1) I have an aunt named Dolly and a cousin named Buffy.
2) I once intentionally stared at the sun on a hot summer day for as long as I could, resulting in temporary blindness, and retinas that are burned and scarred permanantly.
3) I hope to add Llamas to my farm one day, and possibly an Alpaca or two.
4) When I gave birth to my one biological child, I did it without having an epidural, but hallucinated during labor.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Never in my wildest dreams...

China plans HUGE BUS that can drive OVER CARS...