Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I am horrified...

If you have not read the book "The road of Lost Innocence" by Somaly Mam...please check it out here, at Somaly's site. I think everyone should read this eye opening story of the horrors that are occuring in the country of Cambodia. They are happening right now, as I type this. Little girls, as young as 5 being enslaved, raped, used, and abused in brothels. It is sickening, profoundly sad, and profoundly horrific. Every night when I put this book down, and fell asleep, I had dreams of this, I could not turn it off. I just checked and World Vision is working there, and I will be inquiring about sponsoring a little girl from Cambodia. It is the first thing I can do. I will also be reading Somaly's site, and finding other ways I can help to do my part to end the suffering of these girls. Please, please, get this book. You will never be the same, and you will be able to also step in and help to end child trafficking and sex slavery of innocent, precious children.
{Thanks, Jennifer, for loaning me this book. I will be getting a few copies to hand out to others, as I believe everyone needs to hear this story}.


Scrappy quilter said...

This is horrifying. I'm going to see if I can find this book. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Hugs

Sophie said...

Another book that everyone should read is Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof about oppressed women and young girls around the world, I cried in disbelief reading this book.

I'll have to pick up the one you recommended, thank you