Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Getting it done!!!

My to-do list is often WAY too long. This week, though, I resolved to get it done!

Picked up raw milk and grass fed meat from the local organic dairy farm.

Groomed and worked with the ponies.

Called World Vision, and signed up to sponsor a second child, a little 7 yr. old girl from Cambodia..I hope to introduce you to her soon!

Began my list of books I want to order for our upcoming homeschool year.

Sent in my payment for a local csa organic farm delivery! This is to supplement our own garden. Can't wait to see what we get each week! I plan on eating raw, fresh, garden grown fruits and veggies all summer!

Made appointment with the farrier.

Still need to do:

Call back supervisor at work, who called the other day since the flu season is now apparently over.

Finish painting trim in master suite.

Finish painting trim and ceiling in entry way.

Pull weeds.

Work on the enourmous mess in the basement.

Work on the enormous mess in the garage.

Make Vet appointments.


Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

wow- yours and mine sound a bit alike. I would LOVE the infor for the weekly CSA- I need veggies!

Jen said...

just jumped over here from ??? nice to meet you! sounds like we have a lot in common!