Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ministry Mondays...a foster care focus!

Today I want to share a small ministry I know about in Washington state. Even if you are not in WA., this ministry is worth checking out. I am so impressed with them, they are called A NEW FOREVER.

The beauty of this ministry is that they have built support teams, which give people the opportunity to help those that are out there fostering children in their community. They have people doing everything from providing meals, to providing respite, to even helping a family build on an addition to their home in order to make more room to care for foster children. WOW! This is all taking place within the body of Christ, within the church, and it's a ministry I would love to see in every single christian church. The Lord tells us to care for orphans, and if we aren't going to be the one to bring them in and care for them in our homes, this ministry gives people other opportunities to care for them through these amazing support services! I can say that it would make fostering/caring for orphans so much easier if I had that kind of support! I talked to these people once and they also told me that they have a very high percentage of people in their church that are fostering and adopting, and that, to me is incredible...the way it should be in all christian church's. These kids need caring, christian parents, and there are so many out there...maybe more people would step in and foster if they knew they had more support? A NEW FOREVER...what a beautiful ministry!

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Jen said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! God is doing a mighty work in churches throughout this state to mobilize churches to the forefront in caring for foster children. My church & I are involved in an emerging church movement that is uniting all different churches, setting up ministries, & empowering whole congregations to catch the vision of Christs heart for the orphans around them. Foster care & adoption is multiplying because of this. I think this generation is tired or well worn, lifeless religion that only offers lip service to Christ...Their is a fire inside them to be the hands & feet of Christ & to rise up & BE the church! :) Yes, clearly one of my heart greatest passions! ;) ~Jen