Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I interrupt this nice little blog...

to vent my frustration!!! My patience has been tested in every direction I turn this week, and it's only tuesday!! What is going on?? I admit, I have now developed a bad attitutude, and I know this will pass, but let me just share what I have dealt with recently...

-I called my vet on sat. to have them fax records to my brothers vet since I gave one of my cats to him. They assured me they would fax everything that morning. Today I find out they never faxed a thing.

-Yesterday I called LexiLou's Dr. to try to get a referral to a dermatologist so I can begin to address all the skin issues she has. I left my home phone number for them to call and said to only call my cell if there was no answer at home. What does the nurse do? She calls my cell, and leaves a message for me to call back, and never calls my home phone. I then attempt to call back, and they have a new system and you can't get through to anyone!!! Arghh!!!!!!!

-Today I stopped by the hospital (where I am still currently employed, but haven't worked at since Dec. 1st due to not getting their flu shot) to congratulate a friend on her new baby and security stops me and won't let me go up to her room. Why? Because Lexi was with me, they wouldn't allow it, as they only allow children of the family/patient to visit at this hospital. This hospital and it's policies!!! I will refrain from stating what I really think about their policies! >:(

-Today we wake our youngest foster daughter up early from her nap so she is ready in time for the transporter to pick her up for visitation with her parents, and then the transporter never shows, and never calls, until 45 min. late when you have just strapped the child into the high chair for lunch, and are no longer ready to send her out the door. Yep, that happened today, too.

-We filed our taxes last march and still have not recieved the remainder of our refund-which is a significant amount from our adoption of Lilyann. Since the laws changed this year, we were supposed to recieve the rest of it back in our tax refund. We did not, along with thousands of others across the country, and we are among those now being audited. We continue to recieve letter after letter from the IRS, and I know of so many families that are dealing with the same thing. The only ones that have gotten their return have obtained a tax advocate. I called today to get one, and after being on hold for 30 minutes, I was told we didn't really qualify, until I explained the situation once again the poor guy finally decided to assign us one. We will now wait for the tax advocate to call us.

-Although I dearly love my little girls, why are they so messy? I don't think they understand that they are not to take their diapers off themselves when they wake up from their naps. Yesterday I walked into the room after nap time to get them, and not only had they each taken their diapers off in their individual cribs, they each peed in their cribs, and miss LexiLou proceeded to diaper her teddy bear with her soaking wet diaper, lol. She was so proud and held it up for me to see when I walked in the room.

-Satellite t.v. We have had satellite t.v. for years. I called a different provider yesterday to see what they had to offer and to attempt to downgrade what we have now. To my amazement, I had to agree to an automated voice to sign on with them before I was allowed to speak to a real person. When I finally got to a real person, the guy actually asked for my name, address, email AND social security number BEFORE he listend to my questions. And, no, I did not give him most of this information, but I was stunned at how much information they attempted to get out of me and what a hard sell they were doing from the beginning. This is one of the two major networks that are out there. I promptly decided not to go with this provider!

-The pharmacy. So LexiLou has severe allergies we have now found out. Tree nuts can be deadly to her. She is also allergic to cats and dogs. After a visit to the allergist, we have now been prescribed epi pens that we will each be carrying around with us at all times. I tell the allergy Dr. where our pharmacy is, and they called in the prescription. I get there and they tell me the Dr. office made a mistake and sent it across town to their other store. I drive across town to the other store and go in to pick up the epi pens. They are the slowest pharmacy around. After standing there for literally an hour while they are trying to pull this together, they come back and tell me they don't have enough, and I will need to come back the next day. Thanks.

I think I am losing faith in people. I know I am getting tired of people, policies, procedures. I know that is one reason why I am so glad I am no longer working out of the home. Yes, I loved the families I worked with and the great kids, but the meetings were getting to me. I had the worst attitude when attending meetings at my workplace! I am sorry, but I could care less about the latest policy and procedure, let's get back to the real stuff! My thing is, let's just make things simple. Just call the number given, let children visit in hospitals, do what you say you're going to do, be somewhere when you say you will be there, and everything will be fine. But, that's not life, unfortunately, and I have to deal with it. Ok, I feel better now. Maybe this blog will go back to being nice, and positive, cheerful and uplifting next time, but today...today it's just real.


Teresa said...

Sorry you had a bad day Michelle! The hospital policy isn't just at that hospital it's all over. It's been that way for several years. I'm sorry you weren't able to visit Jennifer!! Hope we are still on for tomorrow morning!!

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

Sounds like life. Take a break and eat some chocolate Michelle dear friend! YOu deserve every bit of rest and whatever else nice thing the Lord will give you!