Saturday, August 6, 2011

We ventured out!!!

The other day, we decided to pack up and head over to Seattle for a couple of days. This was pretty adventurous of we aren't often brave enough to take all 4 of them on trips with us!  Here's Jeff and Lilyann on Seattle's monorail, heading to the Seattle center, where we went up on the Space needle!
This was the best photo we could get with all 4 of them. Here we are down at the waterfront by the Pike Place market. One of my favorite places of all time!

This is from the top of the Space Needle. Lilyann is enjoying herself now, but when we first told her we were going up, she asked, "why would we do that??"
This guy was cool. Walking around downtown Seattle, we came across this statue, only it's not a's a real live man. Lilyann screamed and ran every time he moved!
We got to the Pike Place market right at opening time. Picture about 400 people crowding around this photo about 10 minutes later. It is packed, and very difficult to walk through yourself, or for that matter, with 4 kids, and two strollers! We loved picking out fresh fruit for breakfast and enjoyed the atmosphere...until we were squeezed out by the crowds!
Lilyann enjoying the sun. We left the market and spent time on the waterfront shopping, sightseeing, and before we came home, we had lunch. All four of the girls did really well. It was the perfect two day getaway!

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Michelle said...

You were visiting one of our favorite vacation sites ever!! About 5 years ago, my hubby and I flew to Seattle and did many of the same things you did- got to watch the guys throw the fish, which was one of my favorite moments! We also went out whale watching to see the Orcas- unbelievable. Hiked on Mt Rainier. Lived in Lacey for a year, so it was fun to go back and see how it had changed. Beautiful country.

Memories that you and your family will always have. It's hard taking littles out for the day, but so proud of you for doing it :-)