Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring update!

It's time for a quick update!

Foster care: Baby Riah will be turning 2 next month! His bio mom lost parental rights months ago, his relatives stopped visits with him, and his bio dad, who never requests visits, and hasn't seen him in many many months signed relinquishment papers the other day. Laney and Austin (bio sibs) should be adopted soon as well, but I will need to clarify with the SW. Austin has been legally free since we got him a year and a half ago, but we have been waiting on the parents who have been filing appeal after appeal on Laney. They have lost all appeals, but we must wait it out. In the mean time they had another baby and were allowed to keep it! Stay tuned for some upcoming adoptions!!!

The Farm: Crazy times. Not much luck with our animals lately. Our banty chickens have been hatching out babies, but either the mother dies or the baby chicks die off one by one. We have saved three! We are also having a difficult time finding the eggs all of our hens are laying in random places around the farm. Let's just say our farming skills need some improving! We have recently nursed a sick pony back to health. During the process we bonded with her so much, and may end up keeping her, instead of selling her as I had planned. We also may be adding a new horse to the farm, as Miranda's horse riding instructor has her eye on one for her, so we are waiting to hear more about it.  We went to our first horse show recently. It was fun watching the small ponies pulling the carts! The vet that recently evaluated our pony said she has a beautiful gait, is very sound,  and would be awesome with a cart...who knows, you just might see me driving a pony cart in the! We have a litter of kittens due any day, and a new puppy will call this it's home in a few weeks when we are done putting up our new fence. Also...our little Nigerian dwarf goat is pregnant for the very first time, thanks to my friend Dalyn, and her goat over at Muckboots N Aprons. I just hope it all happens naturally, because as I said, my farming skills are not up to par, and I don't think I'm ready to deliver baby goats anytime soon!

Homeschooling: Homeschooling six kids is a huge task! The baby runs around causing havoc while the others attempt their studies, but I wouldn't have it any other way! All are making progress, and enjoying their daily lives, taking lots of time to play outside each day. They attend our homeschool co-op and will also be performing in a Homeschool Night of the arts talent show this upcoming week!

Church: We continue to thank the Lord for blessing us with such an amazing church family. It has been a blessing and we are coming up on one year of attending. We are currently reading a book I highly recommend for anyone..."The emotionally Healthy Church". It's all about looking deep within ourselves, our families, our behavior, and where we are spiritually. We cannot be healthy spiritually if we are not healthy emotionally, and this has been an answer to prayer for me. What an excellent book, and I wish my husband and I would have read this years ago!

Stay tuned for more foster care updates, and pictures of all the new critters arriving in the upcoming weeks!


Michelle said...

How nice to hear about your impending adoptions and their progress- hoping that all goes smoothly from here on out for you. We are also waiting on possible termination hearings and the decisions that come with that. We have 2 siblings from a group of 4- we also know that the foster family of the other 2 siblings do not want to adopt, so we are looking at possibly growing by 4 children, ages 4,7,9,and 13 at one time. Always lots of waiting involved with fostering, isn't there? I will be watching your site for updates and praying that your adoptions go through without a hitch.

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your progress with your kids- we too are waiting on termination hearings and pray that our family will be growing in the near future. No one ever warns you when you start fostering that there is so much waiting involved!
I enjoy reading your updates- I feel as if we are living in a parallel universe- I'm the OTHER Michelle who is fostering, living on a farm with lots of animals and who adopted from China- I wonder what other things we have in common?! I will be praying that all goes well for your adoptions :-))

turkeyfether said...

Love reading your posts! My 2 middle daughters were foster children then adopted once cleared. They were from separate families. My first was reunited with her family after 36 years. (:> Her sisters were beside themselves with happiness ! Her mom could not believe all was forgiven and not held against her (she was placed in foster care at age 4 then adopted 2 years later).We found her sisters on Facebook and eventually had a family reunion.As it turns out, her biological family are Christians who went through some very severe times and problems.God plucked her up out of that family at the time
and placed her in another Christian home (us) where she grew .God is so SO good !!(:>