Friday, June 27, 2008


There really are simple, cheap ways to have fun. Take dirt, for example, mix it up with some water, and dip your dogs paws in it.
Make sure you hold the paws down on the paper for awhile to get a really good print.
Wow! Those are some great "mudprints"! Good job, Pupcake!
I had been busy in knee deep cleaning around the house, when I continued to hear my 6 yr. old babbling behind me about some mudprints. I didn't really pay any attention, just thought, hope she's not referring to any muddy prints she tracked into the house. Little did I know that she had an idea brewing. I walked outside to sweep the patio, and there she was in the middle of a little art project that she was orchestrating with her dog. She was so proud of these mudprints! I was too! She is always creating new things to do with her animals, and it is so fun to see what her little mind is up to next. Mudprints. Who would of thought?


Kindra said...

My 4 year old would like to do that with our dog. :) I don't think the dog would enjoy it...He doesn't like to get his feet wet or dirty. It's a pain when we have to let him out in the rain or snow. Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

How clever! I know my crew would not have been nearly as neat about it though. We have a 6 month old puppy, who along with making messes! The 2 would have been covered in mud by the end.

Your daughter is very creative!!!