Monday, June 30, 2008

Duck park!

Before the weather got too hot, we hit the duck park! Miranda was more nervous around all these ducks than Lilyann was. It's feeding time. Miranda takes out the bread to feed the ducks.
Lilyann didn't get that we were there to feed the ducks. She feasted on bread, while the ducks stood by.
Down by the pond, there are many more ducks to feed.
Lilyann eats. She's liking the duck park. She thinks it's snack time for her!


Anonymous said...

How cute! I love Lilyanne eating the bread...too funny!

We miss that park. There is a "Goose" park here, but we still love that one.

Michelle said...

Oh, that's cute! Lilyann was not sharing her snack with those ducks!

That sure is a lot of ducks...I think I would have been a bit nervous with so many near by. : )