Thursday, June 5, 2008

7 months ago today...

This sweet baby was placed in my arms in a very excitement filled room in Guangdong, China. We recently recieved this photo from Kevin and Deb, another couple we were with on our adoption trip. They were united with their sweet daughter, Lotus, just a few minutes later. I was so grateful for this photo, because it is different from the others we have. I love how it captures the excitement and joy in Miranda's face as she sees her baby sister for the first time. Thanks Kevin & Deb, it is a treasure!!

Just yesterday we watched the video of this day for the first time! I couldn't believe I had not watched it yet! It was so much fun to see. Lilyann was watching too, and she couldn't stop running up to the t.v. and pointing at things, yelling something like "Dah!" and then running back to sit in my lap. It appeared that she really loved watching it too, and it seemed as though she might have even understood it a bit. What really floored me is just how much she has changed in 7 months. In the video, she finally wakes up, and she actually looks at me, then lays her head on my chest to be comforted as she peers up to really check me out. She never smiles, but she just looks around, and is very content in my lap. She finally starts kicking her legs, and bouncing and appears happy. She was so little. I actually take out a cheerio and offer it to her, not realizing she had never had anything but a bottle at 15 mos. of age. She didn't have a lot of fine motor skills at that point either, and she really didn't even know how to pick up small toys. In the video, Miranda takes out some toys, and Lilyann just looks at them briefly, never reaching for one or anything. We soon learned that she didn't know how to play with toys.

She is emerging into a full fledged toddler these days. She runs around the house following Miranda around, is into EVERYTHING, and she is going through a hitting stage right now. It's funny, because she has never seen anyone hit, (at least since we've had her), but it is something she just does when she frustrated, (like when she asks for a cracker, and is told she is all done with crackers, and turns and hits the first thing in sight, like the fridge). This is new to us because Miranda never went through a hitting or biting stage like this, and we know it is very typical for this age. So, we are doing our best in redirecting this behavior and trying to get through this phase.
Lilyann loves to play ball, and run, and pound on the piano, and she especially loves books and music. I just love watching her twirl around in circles when a song comes on that she likes.

We are so blessed. This little girl is such a joy, and a bright ray of sunshine to have in our home. We thank God for such a precious gift.


Kevjoemcg said...

I am glad you liked the pictures. I knew there were moments that you are so caught up in it is impossible to capture them and I knew that once my daughter arrived I too would be lost in the moment. I found the whole China experience so life altering. Because of that trip I have a life time of memories to share with my daughter. I made some really good friends there as well. Keep in touch and God Bless.

Primgal55 said...

What a special anniversary you had this week as well! What a sweet picture! Thanks for sharing!!

hugs, Linda

This Country Girl said...


The photo of you being united with Lilyann brought back all the memories of the day we held Colt in our arms for the first time!

That photo is priceless!

Your daughters are both precious!

Have a great week!

Ronda said...

Oh how sweet-Kevin and Deb are the best. I love this picture-it really does show the excitment that Miranda was feeling. I can't believe it has been seven months. I am getting ready to post about Ella at seven months-she has grown 6 inches!

Michelle said...

You can see all the excitment and wonder and awe on Miranda's face - what a beautiful photo they were able to send you - and what memories it must evoke!