Thursday, November 13, 2008

Birthday Blessings...

It's my birthday, and I thought I'd share some pictures from this year and last. Above is the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou China on the Pearl River. Last year, when we were in China on my birthday, I got to go here, and have afternoon tea! They had every kind of little pastry you can imagine and we sat overlooking the river. What a memorable birthday!
Here is the cake our guide, Jocelyn, gave us that day. Very different from your typical american birthday cake, but fun to try!

And now this year...Jeff, Miranda and Lilyann gave me two dozen roses! What a wonderful surprise.

And also from them, this beautiful "daughters" necklace engraved with thier names and a little pearl. I feel a little spoiled! What a special birthday it has been, and remembering my birthday last year has brought back such warm feelings as well. I love birthdays, and we have our share of them in the fall! We have been attending lots of birthday parties lately.
I will leave you now with one of my favorite quotes.
"Do not fret about getting older, it's a privilege denied to many".


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!! I'm glad you were treated so well by your lovely family!

Miss ya!

Handwoven Dreams said...

Happy, happy birthday Michelle! I dearly love all of our birthdays too!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle!! How awesome that you got to celebrate your big day in China last year. Those are memories you'll never forget.

I love the necklace, too! Very special.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle! Love that sweet daughters necklace. Both of your girls are darling. I bet you all have so much fun.

So glad the missing money sites helped you out. I was so excited to read that you and your family have money coming. How exciting!

I've really enjoyed my visit here!


Wendi said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was fantastic.

This Country Girl said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Michelle! It looks like you had a wonderful one this year and last! I hope you have many more years of blessings and wonderful memories!


Michelle said...

I'm sorry I'm so behind on blogging; a very happy belated birthday to you! It looks like you had a great day; and that cake? yum!